What to study in IGCSE Accounting?

The purpose of accounting
Sources and recording of data
•  The double entry system of book-keeping
•  Business documents
•  Books of prime (original) entry
•  The ledger

Verification of accounting records
•  The trial balance
•  Correction of errors
•  Bank reconciliation
•  Control accounts

Accounting procedures
•  Capital and revenue expenditure and receipts
•  Accounting for depreciation and disposal of non-current assets
•  Other payables and other receivables
•  Bad debts and provision for doubtful debts
•  Valuation of inventory
Principles of financial statements
•  Income statements
•  Statements of financial position

Preparation of financial statements
•  Sole traders
•  Partnerships
•  Limited liability companies
•  Clubs and societies
•  Manufacturing accounts
•  Incomplete records

Analysis and interpretation
•  Summary of commonly used ratios
•  Interpretation of accounting ratios
•  Inter-firm comparison
•  Interested parties
•  Limitations of accounting statements

Accounting principles and policies
•  Accounting principles
•  Accounting policies


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