10 Things to do in Sanya of Hainan, China

Sanya of Hainan, China became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia for windsurfing. Sanya city center is a great place for those who want to relax on a holiday. Because it is a convenient place to travel to play windsurfing in Hainan Island.

1. Sanya Pearl River Nantian Resort
Said that the hot springs in this resort which about 16 kilometers east of Sanya city is rich in minerals that help treat various diseases. Visitors can choose to soak in the hot spring with the scent of coconut. To the smell of Chinese herbs This resort is set amidst a lush tropical forest.
This place is separate from the Teng Chiao Expressway.

2. Bing Lang Gu
Bing Lang Ku is a 
tourist attraction that is full of various local cultures. This place is 40 minutes drive from Sanya city by car. There are Hmong villages and present have many cultural performance from local as exhibitions. They also create crafts for living. Their work are from these ethnic groups who live in this village. This place is located at Ganza Ridge Nature Reserve.

3. Shimei Bay
Shi Mei Bay is located on the southeast coast of Hainan Island. There are over six kilometers of beaches and is a popular tourist spot for Japanese surfers. In addition, you can watch strange rock formations. Fish and seagulls in the island of Jijing that opposite from the beach and place at Wanning City.

4. Surfing at Hainan Island
Surfing at Hainan Island is the innovator and introduction to the Chinese land of surfing. Person who started surfing at Rishikan on Hainan Island in 2007 is Brendan Sheridan and he was the first that been surf in Sanya. This beach area has short and long surfboard rental shop when you haven’t prepared any equipment during you travel in this island. The shop rental also have many swimwear, experienced officers, experienced surf lessons for beginners and take care of facilities. They have day trips for interesting surf spots for traveler, too. You can surfing at Riyue Bay.

5. Rishikan Bay
Rishikan Bay located on the east coast of Hainan Island is one of the tourist attraction that is easily accessible by bus or taxi from Sanya. This bay is the perfect place to start windsurfing because the waves of the beach here are not more than one meter high. Rishikan Bay is not as crowded as Da Dong Hai.

6. Nanshan Buddhist Civilization Park is a point of showing the Buddhist civilization of China. Full of deep-rooted philosophy. This place is considered to be the 5A level tourist attraction of China with an area of 40000 square kilometers. This is considered to be China’s largest Buddhist garden. Inside of the building are the most prominent building of the Guan Yin which is enshrined at the island in the middle of the sea. The Guanyin god facing the first 3 sides of the world with a height of 108 meters. This goddess Guan Yin invented in 3 pages, 3 directions and have different meaning. There meaning are about wisdom, compassion and peace. The Hainanese people believed that after they creation of the Guan Yin Hainan that never had heavy marine disaster. The sacredness of Guanyin at this temple said that who has the opportunity to pay homage to the goddess whatever the matter? It will fulfill all.

7. Nanshan Temple

The great Buddhist temple located on the west side of Nanshan. It is encircling in Nanshan Mountain which is over 500 meters high. This cultural center has a budget of over 6,000 million yuan. It is considered to the best area of feng shui. In front of is sea and the back is mountain. The temple is the most famous temple of Hainan Island from long and sacred history.

8. Doggy style monument is the Memorial of romantic love. They created the story of the lover. It’s about female deer and man. During the passage and watch the totem stone. You can take a photo of the couple at the cliff carved. You also see Kao Lang Liang view on the top of the mountain. This is view point of Sanya city.

9. Dai Hai Beach is a famous beach. The beach also known as “Hawaii of China” and popular for diving, beach sports, swimming and sunbathing. The area nearby this beach has large shopping square with many shops and entertainment venues.

10. The lost chamber of Atlantis is the aquarium that located near Sanya city. This aquarium you can watch various kinds of fish from under the sea. The interior of the aquarium is decorated in the style of Atlantis as the city of lost under the deep sea.

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