KOI Thé Taiwanese Tea Drink in Hong Kong

KOI Thé’s is Taiwanese Tea Drink that born from Taiwan. KOI Thé’s also the best bubble tea in Hong Kong. Ms. Khloe Ma is person who plans and introduce Taiwan’s unique tea culture to the globe. Her passion for traveling the world and the gradual maturity of 50 Lan in Central Taiwan further created the perfect chance to realize this dream and vision.

There are many favorite menu that most people like to try once such as: 

  1. Jasmine Green Tea (茉莉綠茶)
  2. Assam Black Tea (阿薩姆紅茶)
  3. Golden Oolong Tea (黃金烏龍茶)
  4. Lemon Plum Green Tea (檸檬綠茶)
  5. Lime Plum Green Tea (桔子綠茶)
  6. No.8 Green Tea (8冰綠茶)
  7. Yakult Green Tea (養樂多綠茶)
  8. Toppings Toppings (口感系列)
  9. Golden Bubble Milk Tea (黃金珍奶)
  10. Ice Cream Milk Tea (冰淇淋奶茶)
  11. Grass Jelly Milk Tea (仙草奶凍)
  12. Passion Fruit Aloe Vera (百香蘆薈)
  13. Taro Q Milk Tea (芋圓奶茶)
  14. Signature Macchiato Signature Macchiato (招牌瑪奇朵)
  15. Green Tea Macchiato (綠茶瑪奇朵)
  16. Black Tea Macchiato (紅茶瑪奇朵)
  17. Oolong Macchiato (烏龍瑪奇朵)
  18. Peach Macchiato (水蜜桃瑪奇朵)
  19. Mango Macchiato (芒果瑪奇朵)
  20. Cacao Barry Macchiato (可可芭蕾瑪奇朵)
  21. Ovaltine Macchiato (阿華田瑪奇朵)
  22. Milk Tea Milk Tea (找奶茶)
  23. Milk Tea (奶茶)
  24. Green Milk Tea (奶綠)
  25. Oolong Milk Tea (烏龍奶茶)
  26. Hazelnut Milk Tea (榛果奶茶)
  27. Caramel Milk Tea (焦糖奶茶)
  28. Chocolate Milk (巧克力奶)
  29. Cacao Barry (可可芭蕾)
  30. Ovaltine (阿華田)
  31. Juice Fresh Juice Fresh (新鮮果汁)
  32. Lemon Juice (新鮮檸檬汁)
  33. Lemon Lime Juice (金桔檸檬)
  34. Ice Honey (蜜茶)
  35. Honey Lemon Juice (檸檬蜜)
  36. Lemon Yakult Juice (檸檬養樂多)
  37. Passion Yakult Juice (百香養樂多)
  38. Grapefruit Yakult Juice (葡萄柚養樂多)
  39. Tea Latte Tea Latte (拿鐵)
  40. Black Tea Latte (紅茶拿鐵)
  41. Green Tea Latte (綠茶拿鐵)
  42. Oolong Tea Latte (烏龍茶拿鐵)
  43. Hazelnut Black Tea Latte (榛果紅茶拿鐵)
  44. Caramel Black Tea Latte (焦糖紅茶拿鐵)
  45. Brown Sugar Milk Tea (2018)
  46. Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (2018)
  47. Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte (2018)

There three branch in Hong Kong as

  • Jordan Store (+852) 2972-2320 – G/F, 10 Po Ling Street, Yau Tsim Mong District, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • Mong kok bi street shop (+852) 2348-3883 – 175A, 49A/tong choi street, yytawang district, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Open from 12.00pm. – 23.00pm.
  • Deng play and shop (+852) 2385-8518 – Shop 2, hong da building, 55 dundas street, mong kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Open from 11.30 pm. – 24.00pm.

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