The National Goddess of the Nation Wrapped Me

The National Goddess of the Nation Wrapped Me
Other Name: Nam Thần Quốc Dân Quấn Lấy Tôi
Manhua, Romance, Shoujo, Comics online
Hien Hieu Huyen

Compressed by her colleague, she stormed into the office of the general manager, demanding a special supply of drugs for the total talent.
Poke to the violent total tyranny, the total self-experimentation directed her to prove, she herself needs supportive medicine, is still living peacefully occupy comfort, indignant biting him.

Where does a little kid direct his fortune to Daddy’s chest, is this the person looking for a beautiful sister for a model girl?

Calm down calmly mention that posture that makes people misunderstand the other two … how she ended up being pulled back by her father and son, father wanted to eat her bones and bones, and her son . used superhuman wisdom to suppress a small person like her, that’s it … .

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