I Can’t Stand Being Waiting 我怕来不及 Episode 1 Recap

In the early 1980s, in order to motivate employees to increase production, Hongxing Coal Mine organized a sympathy performance. Bai Jie is a dancer from the Cultural Troupe, and she is the lead dancer in this performance. While Bai Jie’s boyfriend was sitting at the corner of the curtain with a drawing tool, he devotedly painted his girlfriend dancing.

Ge Yubao, the coal mine’s son, has always been obsessed with Bai Jie. While letting Li Chunsheng be opened up on the grounds that the machine room was leaked, he was asked to come to the scene with a flower basket with a motorcycle, and planned to confess to Bai Jie while performing.

After Bai Jie’s performance, Ge Yubao came to the background with a flower basket and a “blood book”, and wanted to confess to Bai Jie, who was longing for him. However, Bai Jie and Li Chunsheng’s relationship was firm and they simply rejected Ge Yubao’s love. Ge Yubao didn’t give up, and even wanted to do wrong with Bai Jie. After Zhang Guixiang saw it, he hurriedly told the news to Li Chunsheng who was being blocked by Ge Yubao’s men. Seeing that Ge Yubao tore Bai Jie’s skirts, thanks to Li Chunsheng’s timely arrival and rescued his girlfriend.

Ge Yubao refused to give up and fought with Li Chunsheng. The police arrived and took Li Chunsheng and Ge Yubao back to the police station. The head of Fan Fanyan became influential and naturally favored Ge Yubao. He pushed all the blame on Li Chunsheng, and Zhang Guixiang tried to justify Li Chunsheng. The police learned the truth of the matter. Although Ge Yubao ran into the dressing room wrongly, tearing Bai Jie’s skirt was a misunderstanding, but Li Chun’s vivid beatings were also wrong. Zhang Guixiang’s mother, Sun Yueying, was a cadre in the cinema. She persuaded Bai Jie to go back and change the costumes first.

Bai Jie knew her mother Ding Ruilan’s personality and worried that she would come to the police station, but her voice didn’t fall, Ding Ruilan arrived. Ding Ruilan, as Bai Jie said, almost turned the police station to the ground, Bai Jie was forced to helplessly, and had to say that he and Li Chunsheng were in love, Ding Ruilan was willing to give up and pulled Bai Jie away.

Ding Ruilan resolutely disagreed with Bai Jie and falling in love with Li Chunsheng, and also vocally claimed that he was a prisoner in labor camp. After returning home, Ding Ruilan locked Bai Jie in the room, and also told Li Chunsheng a lot of bad things to her eldest daughter Bai Bing. Qian Bingjing’s daughter Qian Jingjing opened the door of her aunt and advised her not to fight with him, and said that she should Find a man like Dad, Bai Jie doesn’t want to listen to her, and kicks her out.

Sun Yueying asked her son Zhang Zhao to look at Zhang Guixiang, fearing that she would run for Li Chunsheng. Zhang Guixiang always liked Li Chunsheng. She pushed her brother away and ran out, and met Li Chunsheng’s aunt Xiuqin. She decided to take Xiuqin to ask Ding Ruilan. Xiuqin begged Ding Ruilan to ask Bai Jie to testify for Li Chunsheng, but Ding Ruilan refused. She asked Xiuqin to persuade Li Chunsheng not to entangle Bai Jie. She did not want to let Bai Jie and a prisoner reform together. Bai Jie ignored Qian Jingjing Blocked, rushed out of the room to help Li Chunsheng testify.

On the way, Bai Jie met her sister Bai Bing, Bai Bing persuaded Qian Jingjing to go back and let Bai Jie save Li Chunsheng. Bai Jie came to the police station, because everyone else was attending the oathmaster meeting in the factory, and the watchman insisted on waiting for Chief Li to come back. Bai Jie immediately returned to the Confederate Corps to find the head of Fan to save Li Chunsheng. The head of Fan made various excuses to push him. He was worried about the candidate who went to the underground to support high yields, and proposed that as long as Bai Jie took over the task, he would send out the evidence. After Li Chunsheng, Bai Jie agreed without hesitation.

At the Oath of Oath Conference, the director of Ge Mining finished the banner for the miners, and Bai Jie followed the miners down the well. But no one thought that if the crowd did not go down, a landslide occurred in the mine, and Bai Jie and the miners were trapped underground. After Li Chunsheng arrived, he ignored the crowd and stopped the well. On the one hand, Ge Yubao was worried about Bai Jie’s safety, and on the other hand he did not want to lose to Li Chunsheng, and went down to the mine.

After Li Chun came to the well, he saw other miners trapped, and found Bai Jie, who was trapped under the frame, under their guidance. After Bai Jie was rescued, the two men were about to leave, and they saw Ge Yubao being crushed by the collapsed stone. Although both had a lot of holidays with Ge Yubao, they couldn’t bear to see him trapped in this way, and decided to return to rescue him. Li Chunsheng and Bai Jie agreed that they would get married immediately after going out. When Bai Bing and colleagues in the hospital arrived at the scene, they immediately went into rescue work.

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