Kinabalu Park in Malaysia

Kinabalu National Park also known as Taman Negara Kinabalu in the Malay language. Taman Negara Kinabalu is the first national park in Malaysia. It was established in 1964 and is the first place in Malaysia to be registered as a World Heritage in December 2000 because it is considered to be one of the most biodiverse places in the world. This park is located on the west coast of Sabah state. On Borneo East of Malaysia has an area of ​​754 square kilometers. Surrounded by Mount Kinabalu, which is 4,095.2 meters high and is the highest mountain on Borneo.

Kinabalu Park is one of the most beautiful and remarkable natural attractions in the world. It is home to many bird species and wildlife and is also the first park in Malaysia. Poring Hot Spring, named after the bamboo species in that area. This hot spring is famous for the sulfur minerals in the water which is suitable for soaking in to relieve fatigue from traveling.

The park is home to a variety of plant and animal species. By dividing the geographic location of the habitat into 4 zones:

  • lowland dipterous forest
  • pine forest
  • highland grassland and
  • the bushes on the tops of the mountains.

The mountain area is home to many species of orchids and insectivorous plants. The famous Nepenthes rajah species is also home to many endemic animals such as the giant red leeches Kinabalu. Giant Kinabalu Earthworm Blue-winged Green Bird Kinabalu.

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