Lenggong Valley in Malaysia

The Archaeological Heritage of the Lenggong Valley was registered as a Malaysian Cultural Heritage on June 30, 2012 combining 4 archaeological sites include:

  1. Bukit Bunuh and Kota Tampan are open-air archaeological sites. There are museums and archaeological sites located. Is an archaeological site that provides important archaeological and geological data That gives an understanding of the environment in ancient times and the intellectual and cultural behavior of early humans through the use of stone tools.
  2. Bukit Jawa is an open-air archaeological excavation site.
  3. Bukit Kepala Gajah is a limestone mountain range and caves. Archaeological sites are located in rock shelters in the Limestone Mountains. Bukit Kepakahah is located about 1 km from the city, aiming for excavations in 1990, revealing evidence of human habitation about 11,000 to 6,000 years ago. Comes evidence, mainly consisting of stone tools such as tools and animal carcasses
  4. Bukit Gua Harimau is an archaeological site. The prehistoric cemetery is located in the Bukit Guarumari limestone mountain range, about 10 kilometers from the city aiming the Kong Guo Hari Mound, a large cave about 28 meters high and 20 meters high, the cave floor is covered with stalactites and stalagmites. Ancient remains have been excavated in caves 11-12. The remains seem to have been used as tombs between the end of the New Stone Age and the Early Metal Age. (In the period around 10,200 – 45,00 / 2,000 BC)

These archaeological sites Is one of the sources that recorded the story of early humans in one place. The oldest and oldest that is outside of Africa. Number of sources found in the area The four boundary points make it possible to predict the formation of large populations. Semi-nomadic, semi-foothold, settling With the culture in the old stone age, new stone and the metal age that remains to be seen.

Archaeological Heritage of the Lenggong Valley in Malaysia’s is latest world cultural heritage 2012/2012 located in a valley aiming for lush heaps Including 4 archaeological sites in two groups Which is almost two million years long together. By this archaeological site Considered as one of the sources that record the story of human beings beginning in one place. The longest and oldest outside Africa looks like an open source and a cave where stone tools are produced. Which is the first technological proof The number of sites found in the four boundary areas of this area makes it possible to predict the formation of large populations, semi-nomadic settlements, and settle down with the rest of the ancient stone age.

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