Venezuela Basic Guide Information

Religion: Christianity 96%
Venezuelan currency: Bolivar (by 2,144.60 Venezuela Bolivar is $ 1)
Capital: Caracas, the largest city in Venezuela
Climate: tropical to cool mountain range.

Venezuela or official name Bolivar Republic of Venezuela It is a country on the north coast of South America. Adjacent to the Caribbean Sea Venezuela borders with Guyana in the east. Brazil to the south And western Colombia And there are islands off the coast near Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.

Venezuela is a country with oil industry. A member of the oil exporting countries. It is also a diverse country. In addition, the country is also a country that is famous for beauty and beauty pageant. It is the leader of the beauty queen because of the world. Venezuela has four beauty queen. Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Universe.

Spanish is the official language. There are also 31 local dialects, including Wayuu, Pemon, Warao, Yanomami and Guajibo.

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