7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook

From old News but still useful information about used Media Social Online. This post from 7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook by Consumer Reports MagazineWednesday, May 12, 2010.

It is said by Charles Pavelites, an expert on the agency’s complaint center from the Internet crime.

Don’t give much details about yourself on Facebook and other Online. This incident happened in Spain. A woman has posted a picture of her. Which is a picture that she looks good on Facebook. Of course, there are people who ask her to be many friends.

So 7 things to stop doing immediately on Facebook are

1.Use a simple password
Avoid using common names. Or general words that can be found in the dictionary or even the number that ends the password Should use a combination between the front. Behind the letters With numbers or symbols The password should have at least eight characters. One good technique is Adding numbers or symbols in the middle of the word through.

2. Identify the date of birth in public information
Basic information thieves are not good, often used to find more information.
About you Because it will be very useful in accessing bank information
Or credit card If you have specified a birthday, go back to personal information.
Go to edit personal information Specify basic information is Do not show birthdays in personal information or show only the date and month of birth in the personal information page. (Contacting inquiries about credit cards Often have to answer this information).

3. Check the usage of personal information

All information on Facebook, you should set access rights of friends or friends like or yourself, such as visiting pictures, birthdays, religions and family information or other things related to yourself, such as Contact information Phone number, location. Should limit the rights to individuals or groups that can access such information or manage a blog (prohibit) some people Or not to outsiders Can access such information.

4. Identify the child’s name With explanatory text or subtitles
Should not specify the name of the child or label or description or describe the details under the picture And if you have other people or friends, you do that asked to help to fix or remove With a label But if your child’s name. Not on Facebook, but some people have specified such information in tags or have a description or description under the picture Then ask the owner of such information. Edit / delete as well.

5. Saying that being away from home
Implies that it means No one is in the house Or similar as closing the sign that “Not in” on the front of the house as well Wait until you get home and then tell about the adventure or travel for fun or using holidays Which may not be specified Date of travel or specify the date, month, year of travel to be vague, unclear.

6. Letting Facebook find you
To prevent strangers from accessing your information pages Go to search Facebook Profile and choose only Facebook friends. To discover such information And ensure Public information box
Did not specify access to such information.

7. Do not let children use Facebook or social media without checking control.
Although Facebook does not allow children under the age of thirteen or not yet reached the threshold But many people make fake use. If you have children or adolescents in government, use Facebook. The best way to check and control is To join as a member of his group or use your email instead. In contact between his account So that you will receive a message or check his usage.

“Because of what they think is okay, nothing
Turned out to be a bad thing easily. “

For example There is a child who often says
“Mom is going home. I have to wash the dishes “
Always tell every day at the same time always
It’s a very clear time about parents’ return trip
(Tell time when no adult at home)

So. The villain may be able to shift the duration of karma to do evil more easily.