Astrological Characteristics of the Planets

Characteristics Astrological can tell story and personal character as

  1. Sun stand for Life force, self-esteem, power and ambition, authority (the father); heart, circulation, eyes.
  2. Moon stand for  Sensitivity, inspiration, confusion, exaggeration, chaos, psychology.
  3. Mercury stand for Intellect, ability to adapt; nervous system, brain, speech organs.
  4. Venus stand for Emotions, eroticism, artistic ability, relationships, world of art, organs of smell and touch.
  5. Mars stand for Energy, desire, choleric temperament, courage, force, military and technical world; muscular system, blood, genitals.
  6. Jupiter stand for  Philosophical and religious thought, nomadic nature, financial and judicial world; liver, lungs.
  7. Saturn stand for  Concentration, melancholic temperament, earth, soil, lonely places; bones, skin.
  8. Uranus stand for  Intuition, independence, engineering, revolution,
  9. Neptune stand for  Fertility, metabolism, subconscious, consciousness, emotions (the mother), stomach, belly, uterus.
  10. Pluto stand for  Turning points, crisis, death.

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