Huen Chaiharn Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Huen Chaiharn is a collection’s house that situated in Tweechol botanic garden Huen Chaiharn is a large Lanna style house with a granary attached .Huen Chaiharn is filled with articles of Lanna history donated by local Northern people also included is Mrs.Sesaweech’ personal collection. There are five different type that show in this museum.

The first room is Chao Dara Rassamee room . this features photographs of the Princess Rassamee from the Rama 5 period of Thailand’s history. This room features many of her photographs and shows many decorations indicating royal lineage. This room also shows beautiful silver and lacquer ware.

The second room is the largest room This room is the heart of the house. We would like to pay the greatest respect to our beloved King therefore; in the room there are the pictures of King Bhumibol Adukdej the great of Thailand and another reason is Khun Tweesackdi Sesaweech used to work for many King’s projects or Royal Projects for serving His Majesty the King ‘s kindness to all Thai people.

The Buddha room shows an extensive range of historical and valuable Buddha and Bramin images. Also in this room are displayed articles of wealth collected from ancient temple roof spires ( often overlaid with gold) .Including in this room is a collection of military medals and ranking badges from Thai history. There is also provided in this room a worship mat and space to worship the Buddha.

The room on the granary is the fourth room which is built on the granary and features displays showing the wealth of the earth and nature.The Buddha images is featured in a posture showing that he is giving the rains. Other god and goddess are also displayed.

The last room is Srisakdi room , this room is show many old souvenirs,ceramic china ware teapot bowl spoon , fairy . Ms.Srisakdi , she has collected since she was young , for her it is better to show to people than to keep it and see only herself.

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