Tweechol Botanica Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tweechol Botanica Garden is located on Chiang Mai – Doi Saked road, 10th-11th kilometer stone. Its area is around 420,800 – 480,000 square meters. The garden was opened on 4th February, 2005 by Mr. Tweesak – Mrs. Chalang Sesavech. At first, Tweechol garden is a long an and other fruits fields which was the learning area for studying how to raise and take care of dairy cattle. The field became the Hamata bean type grass field which was used only to feed the cattle. The animal dung is transformed into bio gas and fertilizer. Later, this area was changed into a beautiful garden as the tourist attraction and the learning location. Many rare plant species are collected here for providing relaxing atmosphere in the garden.

This place consists of 4 zones are as:

  1. Plant species center which exhibits various species of plants such as over 58 types of palm trees, plants from tropical forest, cacti, caladium and other provincial garden.
  2. Dwarf garden where plants are grown in different shapes such as giraffe, 6-meter tall
  3. The king-kong and 130-meter long King of Nagas and 12 zodiac dwarves with the forecasts.
  4. Zoo which is the home for camels, deers, ostriches and cassowary birds.

Museum with 4 main rooms which are the white Buddha Image enshrined room, Chao Dara Ratsamee room, Chai Harn room where ancient Lanna armors and weapons are exhibited and Tarn Sin room where famous experts’ charms and talismans are displayed. Tweechol Garden is founded on the purpose to collect various species of plants for people to study. Plants in the garden are planted in specific fields in order to be use as decorations in other places.

Every plant species is reproduced in order to compensate the old ones and to sell. The plants’ name boards are installed to allow visitors to study. The agriculture at the garden mostly uses organic fertilizer and compost fertilizer. The fallen leaves are gathered to make fertilizer. The palm leaves and branches are cut into small pieces and fermented by adding air so they will be easier to decompose. The branches from the shaped trees will be burnt to be used as coal. By using this method, it helps decrease the plants burning outdoor according to the rules and methods of Department of Natural Resource and Environment. The burning process is using the coal kiln, making the wood vinegar and burning in the period of time which causes no harm to community.

The garden is opens every day at 08.00-16.30. For information, please call or fax 0 5386 7151 or visit

Service Fee

  • Entrance Fees Adult ฿ 86.00.-
  • Not taller than 135 cm. (child) ฿ 43.00.-
  • Group 20 pers. more (Adult) ฿ 70.00.-

Bicycle renting Fee

  • Bicycle renting ฿ 75.00 / 3 hrs.

Swimming pool Fee

  • Swimming pool Adult ฿ 139.00.-
  • Swimming pool Child ฿ 75.00.-
  • Golf car or Electrical Samloa ฿321.00.- /1.30hr.

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