Wat Yai Inthraram Temple in Chonburi, Thailand

Wat Yai Inthraram Temple used to be called as Wat Luang, is well-known as the maintempleofChonburicity. It is believed to has been built in the late ofAyutthayaperiod as it clearly shows the influence of Ayutthaya-style architecture. There are high-valued wall painting about Buddha tales as well as the beautiful pavilion called Plabpla Treemuk, which all made from wood. The bronze Buddha image at the temple is also beautiful as it’s fully decorated to have the same clothe like the king in ancient era. This bronze statue is also highly revered by locals who believe the ropes from the bronze statue can help sickly children to get well incredibly.


Formerly known as Wat Luang Is an important temple of the ancient city of Chon Buri Assumed that built since the late Ayutthaya period. In the church there were newly renovated murals. In the past, Somdej Prince Krom Phraya Narisaranu, Tiwong Temple, complimented that “very skillful, never to be repaired”, should visit on Buddha’s day If it’s a normal day Must contact to ask for the keys at the abbot In addition, the temple also has academic monks to help guide and explain the knowledge as well.
In the city of Chon, there are temples with art to visit, namely Wat Yai Intharam. Near the pine tree temple. Which has churches and interesting paintings Close to the town hall, there is a seaside park. Good atmosphere, popular with Chon Buri people and tourists, both Thai and foreigners. See the Ayudhya period murals.

The history Is a temple in which King Taksin had come to rest the army at the time to defeat Mr Thongyok Nok Lek, who collaborated with pirates to persecute the people of Chon Buri And prevent the people of Chon Buri to be gracious towards him Inside the temple there is a statue of King Taksin the Great to worship. This temple has undergone many renovations. Especially during the reign of King Rama 3 and Year 4, B.E. 2518 B.E., His Majesty the King was graciously pleased. To be the royal temple

Here are also interesting things you can see and watch, including

1. The church has an arched base and a baroque belly, and with a roof extension protruding. With columns to support the front This architectural style was popular in the late Ayutthaya period to the early Rattanakosin period. The top machine or roof is made of two layers. There are Haghgsnga such as general temples. As for the Chofah, made of divine figures, facing both sides. With outstanding beauty and very eye-catching The front and back gables of the church are molded with stucco motifs. Use Chinese glazed porcelain cups to decorate The window and door frames also do the same. This characteristic was popular in the reign of Rama III.

2. Mural in the church Is a powder painting On the wall between the windows on both sides Writing about Jataka Jataka stories The upper part is a three-tiered image of thep Chumnum. The front wall opposite the principal Buddha image is the image of the Mara. There are images of different nationalities such as Europe, China, Cham, and different weapons. The wall behind the principal Buddha statue is a three-story story with a universe chart, Himmapan forest, hell, landscape and Buddhist history. Anyone interested in knowing the Naree Phol tree can watch the wall behind this Buddha image. On the bottom of the image Is a picture of a tree that produces results similar to the human body On the ceiling written in stars, the ceiling on the red floor The beam is written in Thai pattern similar to ancient fabric patterns. Six pairs of pillars that support every piece of gold on the lintel. The temple, together with the Fine Arts Department, maintained the painting in the church in perfect condition. And made a description for each side of the painting as well

3. Small temple, north of the church The base of the temple resembles an elephant’s belly like a church. The entrance door of the chapel is decorated with watering patterns, gilded, pictures of Naree fruit trees. The painting inside the temple was almost invisible.

4. Buddha’s Footprint Behind the church There was a restoration in 1949. The interior of the left foot of Buddha is 62 × 149 cm. It is open for worship during the Chinese New Year only in February. The interior of the mandapa has paintings re-written in the present reign. About the liberation and the army at Wat Yai Intharam of King Taksin the Great And have pictures of the traditional way of life of the people of Chon Including the tradition of running buffalo Each image has a narrative poem.

5. Reverend Father Choei, enshrined in the Maha Rat Pavilion near the church, is a sacred and sacred bronze Buddha statue of the people of Chon Buri. It is said that if the robes of the robes covering the Reverend Father are tied to the wrists of a sick child That child will miraculously become a simple child.

How to get there:

If going to a private car From the Chalerm Thai intersection (Chalermthai Shopping Mall), take Pho Thong Rd., Then turn left to Jetthong Rd., Wat is on the left. Before Tha Wagon Intersection In front of the temple is a large parking lot. Or use the bus, you can also go by a cable car around downtown Chon Buri

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