Doi Pu Muen in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Doi Pu Muen (or Pu Muen Hill) is located in Tambon Mae Sao, Amphoe Mae Ay, 4 hours or 174 kilometers away from Chiang Mai city hall. Tourist can enjoy surrounding beautiful natural landscape, and get fascinated with Musur tribe’s culture here. Doi Pu Muen has more than 100 years old history. There’s a native tribe called “Lahu”, or “Red Musur”, which evacuated from China, before coming to Burma, and settling at this hill in Thailand. Local people call this hill Pu Muen after the name of the tribe chief, whose name was Pu Muen (or Naai Tang Tao), that had ruled this community until the end of his life.

Doi Pu Muen consists of 2 villages, Baan Pu Muen Nok (which is home to Red Musur tribe), and Baan Pu Muen Naai (which resides Black Musur tribe). Both 2 tribes collect tea leaves, and look after the forest, that was under Royal Forest Department’s protection. Their occupation includes growing Arabica coffee for sell as well.

Moreover, Doi Pu Muen also provides tourists with a homestay guaranteed from Tourism Authority of Thailand for relaxing and learning lifestyle of hill tribe people. In the center of the hill, travellers can enjoy and participate in a Lahu performance, Ja Kheuk dance as well. If anyone wants to indulge themselves in the icy-coldness of the water, there’s Pu Muen waterfall nearby. Despite a difficulty in reaching the site, the place is worth visiting. Beyond that, tourists can enjoy a magnificent view from the top of Doi Pha Hom Pok, flowering gardens, and winter plants as well.

How to get there:

  • To reach Doi Pu Muen, it’s around 140 kilometers if taking Chiangmai-Fang Highway, and 9 kilometers from Fang to Amphoe Mae Ay. The visitor then has to turn left to get into Doi Pu Muen office.

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