Wat Phra That Doi Noi in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Phra That Doi Noi is located on a mountain to the east of Chiang Mai-Hod Road. It is 44 kilomatres from Chiang Mai city. The entrance to the Doi is 1,500 metres from the main road, opposite to the 3rd Regional Office under the Chom Thong Armed Force Development Command. The name Doi Noi derived from ‘Suwanna Julla Kiri’ which means little golden mountain. In the northern dialect, gold is called ‘Kham,’ so Suwanna Julla Kiri would be directly translated as ‘Doi Kham Noi’. Most People, however, usually call the mountain ‘Doi Noi’.

On the top of Doi Noi a stupa is situated. As legend goes, Queen Camadhevi had it built when she came to ascend the throne at Lamphun as invited by the hermit Sudheva in 658 AD. Phra That Doi Noi is now (2012) 1352 years old. Since it was created there often are miracles happening in the eyes of villagers. The stupa, accordingly, is said to a magical object that one should come to worship. People also believes that there is a treasure hidden inside some cave, of which entrance has yet to be found as it was long closed. Still, people often spot a tree angle that stays there to guard the cave. Phra That Doi Noi is home to a part of Buddha’s relics. The relics are round and smooth. They have the size of green beans and the colour of dried Medlar flowers. They were brought from Wat Phra That Sri Chom Thong in 1914.

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