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About Gay Brain Structure Research

Gay brain structure research found That gay brain structure like a real woman Indicates sexual orientation, originated in the mother, BBC News –

Meet gay and genuine women with some characteristics in the brain. The part that deals with emotions, feelings and concerns as well While the male brain is actually the same as that of lesbians, indicating that sexual orientation is likely to be determined from the stage in which the embryo is in the mother’s womb. Researchers from the Karolinsk Institute of Sweden have compared the brain size of 90 adult sample groups and reported in the Progressive of National Academy of Science website that two brains of the brain Gay and genuine women are the same size. While the right hemisphere’s male and lesbian brain is bigger than the other half, many researchers have noticed that Sometimes people who share the same sex Both women and men Have different thinking processes Indicates that there may be differences In the structure of the brain

However, this is the first time that researchers use brain scanners. To try to find the answer to that difference Swedish researchers have scanned the brain. Of the sample group With both homosexuals And groups with 90 normal sexual preferences, all of which are healthy, in order to measure the size of the left and right hemisphere of the brain. There is the same asymmetry for the size of the two hemispheres of the brain, while the two hemispheres of women and gay men are the same size or in other words is Gay men have some characteristics that resemble genuine women and lesbians with some characteristics that are similar to real men. The area in the brain, called the amygdala of the two groups, is also different. In the real male and lesbian groups There will be more dense connections in the right hemisphere of the amygdala than the left hemisphere. And vice versa Authentic and gay women There will be more dense connections in the left hemisphere of the amygdala than the right hemisphere. Researchers from Karolinsk said that these differences cannot be explained only by learning mechanisms.

But probably caused by other mechanisms Both before or after birth, however, Dr. Ghazi Rahman from the University of London believes that the differences in the brain, according to Swedish researchers, are found. Began during the embryo development in the mother’s womb “For me, there is no argument anymore. That is if you are gay You are from birth. “Dr. Kasi added that amygdala plays an important role in determining other brain directions in response to emotional stimulation factors in situations that have to decide whether to fight or retreat or during find couple “In other words, Brain network that determines inclination Sex between gay and genuine women is similar. While the male is actually like a lesbian “Is therefore a reasonable cause That makes gay men have sexual preferences like genuine women is like men And on the other hand, lesbians like women as well as men actually like.

The Star Wars disciples Explained that Why Jedi Knight Anakin Sky Walker, so indulged in the dark side of the force! Tell me briefly (I’m sure it’s not a spoiler because I have known the whole city) that this eye, George George Lucas, responded that Anakin had changed into a villain. Because of his lover Female senator Padme, former queen.

Amidala (Amidala). When it comes to thinking that the name Amidala is synonymous with the name of the brain called Amygdala, it feels reasonable. The more you think, the more amazing Let’s see how Lucas is so well tied.

This way, Amikdala is a small part of the brain shaped like almonds. In the central brain Is responsible for controlling emotions Especially negative emotions Whether anger, hate, sadness, fear, anxiety, anxiety The group that is a negative force (ah ha! To some extent, right?)

The knowledge of the brain, while the scientist Amik Dalani has just solved the secret. Based on the contribution of modern technology, the fMRI function (Magnetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a method of studying how Which brain is stimulated? When receiving feelings such as pictures, taste, smell, sound, touch and various emotions

This device allows us to see that the brain of the Amikdala is very active. When we have anger, fear or emotion By going to press thinking Our awareness Allowing us to receive information only partially Amikdalani, power, yes, play We would have heard the expression ” See the elephant as much as a pig. ” Right? That we see elephants as much as the pig, not just the expression, but also from the truth When we get angry, the brain decreases the level of awareness. Gives us a very realistic picture of the distorted reality The big ones are seen as small ones. Misunderstood can see where the teenagers hit each other That Anakin consented to the dark side Is often caused by negative emotions Because Amanda is good.

However The MRI function It also makes us learn about the other side. Scientists know that When we are positive emotions The brain that works is the left side of the front left brain (left pre-frontal lobe). Our intellect, when we feel comfortable, have love, feel safe. Ready to learn, this part of the brain will be very joyful.

This understanding of the process of power, both negative and positive, is very helpful. We know that both of them are opposite. Working to control each other when we are angry or scared, the left hemisphere’s left front brain will work less. At the same time, Amikdala will work a lot. Ordered that I didn’t know much Because I was feeling that the danger was that I had to use a lot of memory space to fight. Or to the level of Jedi, Anakin, who will not want to listen Teachers like Obi Wan do not leave Called Chang Ma, Traction is not present Say that When we are in suffering Go to open the negative circuit of the power (dark side). This will be difficult to close.

But yes, the negative power will always win. Because if the left hemisphere of the left brain comes to work more Amikdala’s brain will reduce work, so we have to train ourselves well. Must practice this part that is self-regulating (Same as Yoda Master Jedi waiting to teach the disciples) must learn to practice consciousness. Use wisdom often, as if calling immediately to help immediately.

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