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BBC News – “Fear” or shocking symptoms and things around you seem to be a major obstacle to human beings, especially “fearless without reason.” Recent scientists from New York University can identify the location on the brain. That helps us remove existing “fear”.

Researchers from New York University have revealed through Neuron journal Neurology that in humans there are glands that can be frightened. Like animals By believing that such glands are in the brain in the same area that we recorded fear.

The area that erased or forgotten the fear is called “amygdala”, the size of an almond seed. Buried in the hurricane area By connecting with Hypotharamus, whose brain meets Amagalahas important functions in controlling reason and emotion.

Importantly, the working mechanism for forgetting the memory of “Amagdala” is found in the animal brain. But there has never been anyone found in the human brain before and the discovery of the mechanism of “Amagalala” that helps to forget the same fear as animals in this human brain Will help force the doctors All in treatment Neurological symptoms or “Fobia” of patients.

Dr. Elisabeth Phelps and the team from New York University revealed that finding a forgotten location for fear is very important because it is an opportunity to study that How can fear in humans occur? And how do we take care of it But little research To understand How to reduce fear. Fear of phobia or psychotic symptoms Is a danger to mental health and human health that psychiatrists have tried to find a cure for the exact point for a long time.

“For example, many children are afraid of darkness at a young age. But when they grow up, they will stop fearing the darkness. Or may be less, “said Dr. Fleps, with her and her team trying to find a mechanism to reduce fear in the brain. By bringing volunteers to try to create and reduce fear Along with observing which part of the brain is working at that time

Dr. Fleps’ team uses MRI – magnetic resonance imaging to see what happens to the brain during our start to stop fearing. Things that were afraid By which they have volunteered to see the square image Painted Along with shock with weak electricity Will cause fear-like conditions with neurological symptoms or phobia

When the volunteers looked at the painted rectangles Will cause fear and worry. Scientists then quit fear by Back is the reason for the volunteers to see the original picture of the original set. (Which was scared of being shocked) with the same amount of power shot in the same amount of time and gradually reduced until the volunteers watched the normal picture without the electric shock Will make the image fears disappear

However, when the research team looked at the results of brain scans while the volunteers were scared to be scared and disappeared, it was found that the position of “Amigadala” worked while recording fear into the brain And work again when the volunteers loosen their fears Along with another part of the brain

These findings support previous research. Which explains that in animals there is a system of correcting anxious anxiety or fear, by Dr. Fleps. If in humans there is also this mechanism It will be easier to find the treatment at the point

“Now, all of us are starting to look for things that are different from one another in order to cure the fear. In humans, we try to control fear. In some situations, we know that there is no fear. But some situations show up “

For example, people are afraid of tigers. But when looking at the tiger in the zoo We will not be afraid of it. This is the answer that Our body can deal with fear. But how to manage it, “explains Dr. Fleps.

One of the theories proposed by Daniel Golman and Tara-Bennet Golman in 2001 described the work of meditation as ” Because of the relationship between amygdala, a brain-shaped almond-shaped brain Acts about emotional awareness, anger, fear, and prefrontal cortex. That is when we get angry. Or worry In various matters, amygdala is a part of the brain that allows us to recognize this feeling. Then, pre-frontal cortex will stop and think about things. Which we generally know as a zero inhibitor or inhibitor center, therefore the prefrontal cortex can act as Excellent in analysis and long-term planning. On the other hand, amygdala is a substance that causes human birth. Acute decision And will greatly affect the control of emotions and behavior Which is related to human survival. For example, if a man sees a lion Creeping into amygdala will act as a fighting mechanism or response to retreat before the pre-frontal cortex responds. But when using an acute decision, if amygdale is impaired, it will cause us to face danger However, in reality, when the society is in conflict, which is different from the above events that humans face predators, it is a lion. We find that events that make humans recognize that they are not comfortable. Or perceive that the mood changes, discomfort, fear, anxiety, stress and confusion will cause amygdala deficiency as well

Because of the difference in time when humans face critical events, amygdala and prefrontal cortex will act on their own. Meditation helps the left pre-frontal cortex work better. Finally, we can make human beings. Direct control of various events and create positive feelings Differences in the role of the amygdala and prefrontal cortex can be observed. Work easily From the use of various types of drugs In general, the use of alcohol Will press the brain function, especially in the prefrontal cortex, causing secretion of various inhibitors, decreased work intentions and reduced emotional stability And the aggressive behavior (Daneil Goleman & Tara Bennett-Goleman, 2001). In addition, some studies Also found that meditation is related to meditation, planning, awareness, thinking and positive emotional effects There is also a similar research which found that meditation helps reduce feelings of depression. Anxiety And increase brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, left hemisphere

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