Clairvoyant of Third Eye. What is the third eye or true clairvoyance and where?

The third eye (also called the mind’s eye, or inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye, usually depicted as located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

What is the third eye or true clairvoyance and where?

Third Eye or Third Eye is a term that people are interested in practicing meditation in Thailand and abroad. For a long time, scientists Trying to find out the truth about this third eye that is in the brain and how it functions.

Usually our eyes will send the image upside down. From the top to the bottom, sent to the brain, where the brain processes and allows us to see the image in the correct normal manner

In addition to normal eyes Humans also have another organ known as the third eye, or the pineal gland, which is said to be a miraculous power or a clairvoyant eye.
Pineal Gland pineal gland is the size of a bean. And in the middle of the brain After normal eyes Located behind the top side of the pituitary gland. Some people have compared the central position of the brain that is similar to the center of the pyramid. Which is the whole point of energy That is said to be supernatural

Ancient Greek scholars believe that the pineal gland is a connection point to the realm of thought. Some people call it The spirit of the soul This pineal gland is stimulated by light. And this gland controls many body systems (biorhythm) by working with the hypothalamus gland (hypothalamus), which the hypotamus gland Directly affecting the body in terms of hunger, thirst, sex and life clock, which controls the age of humans

When the pineal gland is awakened Will feel the pressure under the brain (the same pressure that is under the high frequency). The head sometimes causes the pineal gland to wake up.

Although in the past, it was not possible to research about the pineal gland Just recently came to know in the present time But in those days it was believed that Is a connection point between the world of objects and the spirit world And is an important point in the beginning of power The supernatural in humans makes them look superior to the average person.

Meditation affects the brain. Expressions and emotions for good development

The organs in the brain have the characteristics of electricity. Chemistry is the use of electromagnetic waves to work and send energy flows into brain waves in four frequencies, from very low to Beta Alpha Theta Delta.

When we begin to meditate, there will be a change in the brain wave to have a lower frequency of waves from the normal beta reduced to Alfra. And into Theta In the brainwave into the Theta level, it is a state of mental wonder, such as seeing various images. Mental birth from the body The occurrence of special psychic powers that the country called ESP, which controls the brain waves at this level, must normally be well trained.

At present, scientists neuroscientist Have used new techniques to research the brain’s relevance And meditation that results in the mind Happy and emotionally good

The University of Wisconsin at Madison investigated from Buddhist meditation practitioners. The brain is developing. In some special The developed part of the brain is a part that affects the good mood, self-control and emotions.

University of California San Francisco Medical Center recommends that meditation can control the brain. The part that caused fear and found that people who respect and act in accordance with Buddhism will have fear, shock, anger less than the average person.

Andrew Newberg, a radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, researched with Tibetan priests by

  1. Allow the priest to concentrate for about 1 hour to get into deep meditation and then inject a small amount of radioactive material into the bloodstream. Making it possible to measure which parts of the brain that work during meditation.
  2. Check the same, but while working normally Not doing meditation When compared, it was found that meditation in the front part of the brain had special functions and the parietal lobe made sense of space. Which can explain Why do meditation time? Therefore resulting in less sense of touch And less awareness of places and times.

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