How Brain development?

Brain development

  1. The most important function of the brain is to order humans to survive.
  2. The brain will mature at the age of 25 years.
  3. The left brain is about music, art, imagination, right hemisphere, logic
  4. The brain can develop and recognize new things. Until the last day of life
  5. A smart person is a person who understands, identifies problems and solves problems. The intelligent person is the one who solved the problem. Or invent something that has not yet been discovered or solved
  6. A person who is genius is a person who has a lot of brain lines and is effective. Not the brain has deep notches as previously thought.
  7. The occipital brain until the middle of the crown will be recognized. The front to the middle will be the analytical center (Strategic) in the middle (Affective Network) will be the emotional care and will cover Amygdala that serves. Memories about emotions The brain will work together. Symptoms Amygdala Hijack is a symptom that the rest of the brain stops working. Amygdala will work one part to allow humans to survive in times of crisis, such as lifting the refrigerator to escape fire.
  8. The brain consists of 72% water, 10% fat and 2% protein. Therefore, you should sip water frequently. To nourish the brain What causes the brain to lose water (dehydrate) is coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Must drink plenty of water for replacement
  9. Breakfast should eat more protein foods than others to nourish the brain. But protein is difficult to digest, so should eat less in dinner Because it makes sleeping less sleep
  10. The memory part of the brain works when we sleep at night. If you sleep less, your memory will not last long. Like reading books too late Will only remember for a short time For examination only When the exam is finished, memory may disappear quickly.
  11. The brain needs a large amount of oxygen, so should practice deep breathing as a habit. Sitting back and forth, causing the lower lung to press against other organs will not fully breathe.
  12. The memory and learning section of the brain contains Omega 3 fats, which are available in deep-sea fish such as Salmon Sardine Tuna.
  13. People think positive, longevity Practice as a positive person. Beaming Normally the brain will remember things that are negative for longer than what is positive.
  14. Stress time to sit and close your eyes Listen to music for imagination, beautiful flowers, fragrances or peaceful places that want to smile.
  15. Reading with Note Map with Mind Map will make it better to remember. The brain will recognize the image better than the text. And during reading The sense of smell helps the brain to recognize it better. Should have a fragrance from the flower Or scented candles in the reading room Or while reading, sipping tea, flowers that like.

How to make a Brain Gym often, the brain is clear, good mood and prevents Alzheimer.

  1. Sip water.
  2. Massage the brain point – the area between under the inner clavicle is 1 inch lower, massage with the index finger in a circle. Turn the earpiece from the top to the bottom. When reaching the earlobe. Massage the lips with pointed stones and thumbs Place the thumb on the bottom of the mouth. The index finger above the lips, gently rub back and forth.
  3. Practice using the brain across the hemisphere. Standing straight with the right hand in the middle of the face Draw his hands all the way to the left, touching his left knee or bypassing his left heel. Put the left hand in the middle of the face Draw the best hand, arm to touch the right knee. May make a detour to touch the right heel.
  4. Sit on your feet, attach the floor, raise your hands and raise your nose level. To ten inches together, forming a curved bridge Then train the brain to order the finger to touch, release, gently, chasing one finger from the little finger, touching the little finger Until the thumb Then ordered to work 2 inches at a time, such as giving the thumb With the index finger working With the right hand thumb touching the left hand thumb together, the right hand finger touching the left hand index finger, practicing indefinitely by changing the finger as the brain ordered.

Important to breathe deeply All the time Learn new things Such as language learning, assembly and dismantling Find new hobbies, do a year like Alzheimer well.

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