How wonderful on 2 brain of hemispheres

The two hemispheres of our brain. Our brain is divided into 2 halves, or hemispheres, that are connected to each other by the corpus callosum. These two hemispheres control the motion in and receive sensory inputs from the opposite side of our body.

Science has tried to solve the mystery of the brain for decades. Chemists and biologists devoted their efforts to studying brain function. Even mathematicians are still trying to use logic knowledge of numbers. Simulate the operation of complex brain into a model Hoping to be able to understand the hidden magic in this body. “Near the doctor” takes you to explore the kingdom of the brain. The way of the valley of the maze is too complex to be able to understand itself.

From dedication to Let us know that the human brain is separated into 2 parts, doing different functions And have higher potential than previously expected Those who solve this puzzle Is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Roger Perry of the California Institute of Technology and Robert Ornstein, successfully solving the brain’s work. They discover that the brain works through both brain waves and brain hemispheres. Astonishingly, with a complex network called Corpus Colossus.

The left hemisphere controls rationality. Learning languages, numbers, science, logic, thinking, analysis, etc., which may be combined as academic subjects While the right brain is an artist, imagining daydreaming, looking at images in various dimensions, etc. But the two hemispheres of the brain are working together in an excellent way. But without imagination Understanding various academic subjects That would not be able to complete a hundred percent Like people who have imagination But without the logic of imagination.

When we began to understand our brains more Let us know that even though we put the brain development program on one side Happening Is the development of the other side of the brain as well Professor Saeed Who discovered the miracle Commented that the two hemispheres of the brain are highly interrelated And it seems that each hemisphere of the brain has the ability of the other half of the brain to be more than previously expected And the efficiency of the brain may be far wider than anyone can expect.

If you go back to the genius group Who is clearly distinguished To be compared with the assumptions that seem There are many contradictions. May make us understand more. One person who stands out as a genius who has an excellent brain, Albert Einstein, who is a thinker and scientist. Which looks like his genius Will come from the left brain Because it is the academic hemisphere while the great Spanish artist Plago Picasso Should be able to use the ability from the right brain.

But when looking back at the past that shaped Einstein’s excellence We found that his academic history was terrible in the French language, but he liked the violin, the art of sailing and playing games that require high imagination. These may be related to his genius. Or a fantasy game that is a source of deep knowledge and understanding of science Or the art itself that made Einstein understand the logic of chemistry and physics, or the dream of a sunny day in the middle of summer, that he could fly air Ride the sun as far as the edge of the universe and find yourself falling into the sun’s surface. Is not very reasonable That makes him understand that The universe must have a curved shape. And may cause him to practice logic To find answers to many questions in the head According to the nature of the imagination He discovered the magic of numbers and various equations. Hidden hidden mystery And he may be as excited as a child Every time he removed the difficult equations Until finally he discovered the famous relationship theory That is the result of a well-integrated work between the left hemisphere and the right brain. That genius May not be on the side of one of the brain functions But it is a combination of the excellence of both brains together so that it can be delivered to each other perfectly.

On the other hand, artists who create great art become world treasures. To be strict with the theory of color combinations A variety that is in him together Instead of split into sections That makes us see that if able to coordinate the work of two parts of the brain together Can create various wonders Absolutely.

Brain of genius
Have you ever wondered how Einstein’s brain What’s different from your brain?

Is a question that many people want to find answers to The brain of a genius has something different to the brain of a general person. And scientists have never been reluctant to find answers Even the Einstein himself The spirit of science in his body also made him write that He hopes that someone will bring his brain to study after he dies. Einstein’s brain puzzle may solve the genius’s answer. And we may be able to create a genius like him if he answers that

Scientist from the University of Magma Ontario, Canada is a lucky group. Saw Einstein’s intelligent brain by himself And they have reported the findings Excited in the medical journal The Lanset, which is a comparative study of 91 normal brains of normal people. Of these, 35 men, 56 women were compared with Einstein’s brain. The lower side of the brain called Inferrite Real Estate Region of Einstein is 15 percent larger than normal people. The brain area is at the same level as the ear and this part of the brain is responsible for finding results. Mathematically, it may be the mystery of Einstein’s brain … but the truth is only part.

Another unusual thing found in Einstein’s brain is Einstein’s brain groove disappeared partially. The brain groove from the back to the back No Einstein’s products In the normal brain, there is a brain groove that connects from the front to the back. And this may be the real key That makes him a genius because Einstein’s nerves can be easily linked to each other than ordinary people without having to go through this brain groove. Makes the work of the two parts of the brain work better

that means The basis of intelligence comes from the brain. That originated naturally But of course, education and the environment are factors. That makes the brain develop And is an opportunity for the brain to truly show its potential

Although Einstein’s brain puzzle was discovered after many years of death But able to unlock some secrets of brain function This genius therefore not only made a contribution to the masses of humans while still alive. Even dead, his brain is still a valuable treasure and can create intelligence.

Brain and memory
One important function of the brain is memory. Memories make us individual And makes us different from human beings Many cloned animals may look like we are every inch. But one thing that no cloning animals are memories.

The brain’s work is the most complex. Even the computer, the highest potential that humans can invent, is not equal to the work of the brain. Or perhaps if thinking back to the “brain” that is the most complex intelligent computer at this time We try to understand the brain more. But only a little There is now an attempt to study the relationship between biology and other sciences such as biotechnology, nanotechnology. Biomechanics that try to use understanding in 2 sciences, understand brain function However, it is expected that it will take at least half a decade to make progress.

Humans understand the recording on the film. Or record sound on the magnetic stripe for a long time But what is the memory of the brain with tactics? No one can solve this mystery. We only know that various senses Is a signal leader from the senses to the brain. The process is full of magic. The brain has the ability to encrypt. Various memories By creating a link between each neuron When getting a connection system of memories Each memory Will keep This category is called engram. This encyclopedia will be stored in the brain petals. When there is an appropriate stimulation, just like unlocking the code into that memory, that person will remember that he had experienced it.

The process is called complicated. But the recall process Or bringing back the more sophisticated programs We cannot know that What is the proper stimulation? And how the brain is doing to bring back many memories And why sometimes the brain can’t find the encyclopedia That makes some people forget some memories of life But sometimes stimulation with hypnosis Take him to the mysterious place In some parts of the brain that he normally can’t find a way to connect.

Brain development
Did you know that the brain has an amazing development? The brain began to develop since we were in the mother’s stomach. Every minute we were in the mother’s womb there was an increase in the brain’s neural system about 200,000-300,000 cells until when we were born.

There are almost all brain cells compared to adults. However, the brain continues to grow a lot in the early stages of life. It is estimated that when we are 2-3 years old, our brain is about 80% of adults, but after this, even though the brain may grow again But the part of the brain that grows is not the most neurons, but rather the connective tissue that we call Glial cells that act like With the network of brain cells Which will be divided more and more Until we mature. Estimated to be 3 years old that brain will increase the number of brain cells to the fullest. “One hundred billion cells” by the brain weighs about 1 kg (while when we mature, the brain will only gain about 500 grams of weight).

It can be seen that when we were only 3 years old, the brain cells were split up almost to the fullest. After this, there will be brain cells born. A very small proportion Compared to adults Show that after starting school Our brain begins to slowly enter the recession period. And began to deteriorate faster when we were out of adolescence After passing this period, there will be no replacement of brain cells. Therefore, if there is a lot of brain cell death (such as an accident that causes severe brain damage), our brain will lose a lot of work ability. Although the body may have to repair the damaged part But really brain cells can not substitute.

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