Self Development Practice

In the globalized world That has changed Constantly Whether it is in terms of communication technology, economic conditions and news information that are transmitted to each other faster And from changes That happens quickly This is therefore the power to push each person to realize the importance of change. Which causes continuous self-development in order for them to have Readiness to cope with Uninterrupted changes.

Self-developed person Is indeed a person success In the job Received progress in the profession, received praise More praise Those who work on a day-by-day basis who are not interested in developing their own knowledge and abilities, prefer to work as assigned From supervisor only. Nowadays, society has a holistic idea of ​​”very little”. Most actions tend to “selfish”, which is the foundation of separate ideas. Highly individualized When greed plus mixed with selfishness The encroachment and exploitation of personal interests will intensify. Resulting in many crisis problems from the social level to the global society.

The problem is what do we do to change people to “New paradigm” called “holistic thinking” or “System thinking”, the answer would not escape the educational mission to develop a new way of thinking of humans. Exterminate the demolition of the educational process from the basic level That is, parents, schools, journalism and society must be aware of this matter. Hope for the sustainability of nature on this planet will blossom on the basis of the idea that “All things are linked”.

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