Type of Emotional Machine, Aristotle

Chester Carlson was the first inventor of photocopies in the world in 1937, which was not a small discovery. But he couldn’t convince anyone to buy his ideas. Carlson spent 22 years trying to sell his ideas to dozens of companies. In which there were GE, IBM, RCA and Kodak. Finally, in 1959, Haloid, the first company before becoming Xerox, later bought the idea of ​​Carlson and created the first copier. Why? Carlson, who died a long time since 1968, couldn’t convince anyone. Believe that Photocopying is a good idea. Some experts may say Because he does not know how to use reason to persuade Which is the science of persuasion that has long been old.

Aristotle is the person who concludes that using logic means using facts and reasons. Is the best way to convince And even many experts today still agree with Aristotle. But in The 7 Triggers: The Science Behind Influencing People’s Decisions, Russell Granger says that this is a wrong idea. Because if it’s about persuasion Reasoning is like walking around a distance. And modern scientific evidence has proven that The power of persuasion actually lies in knowing how to use emotions.

Modern neurological studies have found that a small portion of the brain called amygdala influences decisions over all other mental mechanisms. The brain part, called amygdala, is the emotional navigation system in our body. Its function is to receive sensory information and create an immediate reaction, called gut reaction, which is the reaction that most people use to make decisions.

The brain research study found that amygdala produces gut reactions or automatic reactions when receiving emotional stimuli. And the creation of such reactions occurred quickly And faster than the time when the frontal cortex is used to understand various reasons Before creating a reaction based on facts. For this reason, persuasers who use amygdala’s reaction-stimulating technique means speaking that creates emotions. Rather than using information or reason Therefore able to convince people faster and easier

Emotional machine

There are 7 things that can stimulate emotional reactions:

  1. friendliness
  2. reliability
  3. consistency
  4. mutual benefit
  5. The opposite comparison
  6. answering the question of why and hope.
  7. the seven emotional stimuli Forcing people to make decisions quickly

The author also explained that How does each actuator work, such as the opposite comparison? Persuasive people should offer the most expensive option. Waste the most time The most difficult or the worst choice first And then propose his proposal Will make it seem like a better proposal. However, the authors point out that Emotional methods may not work for those who are analysts. But one fact is Persuasive ability is an important skill in the business world, as Christopher Columbus used to use this skill to convince Queen Isabella of Spain to give him the opportunity to explore the new world. This skill also helped former President John F. Kennedy be supported by Americans. To send the spacecraft to the moon As the saying Humans are not machines of thought. But is a machine of feeling that is known to think.

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