How to cook Pharmacy drug?

Pharmacy according to the Royal Institute Dictionary, BE 2542, provides the meaning that is the science of medicine Natural medicine or synthesis into finished drugs In addition to cooking drugs Pharmaceutical also covers pharmaceutical care for patients, such as considering appropriate medications for patients. Assessment and review of drug use Monitoring of side effects from drug use Including drug distribution Proper drug storage And pharmacy administration And a drug consultant for medical and public health personnel

How to cook
Drug treatment according to traditional medical texts Would understand that Medication means mixing This combination requires the use of various objects according to the needs of doctors and pharmacists to bring them into a drug to cure and prevent diseases that occur. To have properties strong enough to cure the disease The pharmacist is a well-educated pharmacist. Knowing the various objects that have the shape, appearance, effect, how to cure the disease and People who transform objects To become a medicine

Pharmacists must understand the drug. Compounding the drug What does it mean? Or the drug will have a relationship Or have anti-mutilation Or will enhance the effect of side effects occur when used with patients Or have no power to destroy the disease

Drugs or objects There will be a presence in you. But if used to make medicine The only drug that has no properties is strong enough to cure the disease. Because there are many contaminants And still not called as medicine Probably one object As a medicine Called medicine Or drug only Tha Faculty of Medicine is a specialist Therefore collecting many things, counting Tung, but two or more things Mixed together, therefore called cooking Therefore was named medicine for the treatment and treatment of diseases Suppose that you are going to take it because (the drug) alone is boiled with water or water soluble. Not called medicine If it is called nearby, it is just a medicine Or otherwise become food Thai medicine is made from plants, animals and elements that arise from the natural terrain that occurs in its nature. When not yet distilled But only the drug itself To mix There will be a lot of waste and non-drugs. Remember to use a combination of many drugs. Mixed together into medicine.

Principles of medicine
Thai medicines are made from plants, animals, minerals from naturally occurring objects, not extracting only the authentic medicine. Therefore there is a lot of waste And many drugs together However, the structure of Thai medicine can be divided into the following properties:

1. The drug is a drug that has medicinal properties and fever. Especially the subject may be very bitter. Very sour, very salty. May not be able to eat as much Because the taste is not delicious And infectious diseases The doctor then sought another drug to help cure the disease and fever faster.

2. The drug helps when there is a disease, insert disease according to or many diseases combined. The doctor used the medicine to help with coughing. There was also an expectorant drug.

3. Complementary drugs to prevent disease and help to cure the part that the doctor sees Or may be used as a drug to control other drugs, such as siege coriander, to cure fever in the stomach in various drugs

4. Medicinal drugs, flavoring and coloring of drugs This drug If sometimes the treatment of medicines may have an unpleasant smell Must rely on the drug to be eaten or sometimes bitter, too bitter Should use flavoring pills to be easy to eat, such as adding some sweet flavor, it should be added Yes only If the color of the drug is fresh, it should be eaten. Or light red It’s appetizing

These 4 things, which have been briefly mentioned Is the principle of medicine Which, according to the principles of universal medicine, is still used in many things To combine and divide the properties together Doing treatment, healing and energizing properties To fight the disease Which may have a disease that is mixed with the disease as described

Process of potion
Pharmacist who made the drug Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the formulation of the drug to be cooked or the prescription is the main principle. The preparation of the drug requires the formulation of the drug to be made every time. The formula will tell the name of the drug, the lack of methods and methods of cooking in every parallel. Once the drug has been used primarily Should always keep in mind that What should be done to make medicine that has good properties? Therefore will have good medicinal properties To make medicine with good properties Based on the following principles:

Consider the drug is the pharmacological object itself. To cook the drug, the textbook tells you to use the parts of plants, animals and elements. It should be used like that, such as plants, objects, to use the root bark or flowers, etc. Animal objects are for any part, such as bones, leather, horns, blood, sesame etc. Use raw Or first to be cleaned, such as arsenic, alum, sulfur, sulfur, etc. In addition to plants, animals and trace elements, fresh ginger, dried ginger, Thai anchor ball, Thai anchor ball, etc. Some drugs change Properties are another thing. Some drugs have the potential to be dangerous. Must kill first, such as seeds, croton, rubber, salads, etc., which kill and transform into a powerful method, will be discussed in the next episode, etc. as follows.

Considering the properties of each drug, it is the principle of medicinal properties, that is, to know the taste of the drug first. The taste will show you the properties. Although the drug in this world has a lot, but the taste of the medicine is only a small amount. As described in the pharmacy properties Therefore will not say to extend the taste or properties of the drug If cooking is done, do not give the flavor to the contrary Or the medicine is good but add drugs that kill the properties of this drug, causing the drug to deteriorate, such as grass, trough, drachma, these drugs, if added, make the taste and properties of the drug, salty flavor should use what medicine Therefore mixed with good properties Or some drugs that are dangerous to wear Or before these Depending on the wisdom of the pharmacist who made the drug

Consider the size and quantity of the drug. The size of the drug How much is the amount of weight? The formula is defined as 1 Salung or 1 baht per weight. It should be considered whether it is appropriate or not. The pharmacist considers carefully before making the drug, for example, that this drug has a very spicy drug. Also adding pepper seeds to all medicines Is it appropriate? But the pharmacist considers it well and the weight of the drug is weighed correctly.

Cleanliness and carefulness pharmacist Doing drugs that have good properties will not be clean and can not be found. It is very important to not use drugs. Some drugs contain trapped soil or some plants have trapped worms or ants stuck in the cavity of the drug root. Then grinded by washing, not clean, yes, but only containers in cycads, medicine, slices, mortars, medicine, etc. should also be clean as well Even the pharmacist himself washes his hands when cooking. In addition, the pharmacist should be a person with a prudent character, not accidentally burdened. For example, the cookbook tells you to cook 20 pills, but only 15 or 16 things, forgetting the rest of those drugs. Which is considered to be unreasonable And the textbook tells you to grind it thoroughly as a molecule for a drug to cure hemorrhoids. Too lazy to grind when using drugs Disease treatment is not effective and Failing to punish the patient as follows.

Correct the medicine Being subject to the principles of the pharmaceutical principle, the traditional medicine method is defined as 28 methods to cook this drug should be researched and tried to study the cycad to be standard Always keep up with the world’s growth Etc. that is appetizing Convenient to treat diseases The form of these containers, etc. or have been finished Should write the drug name Tell the size and how to use Throughout the properties of the disease, when to cook

Traditional medicine
Pharmacy is the preparation of drugs that are mixed using various methods according to the traditional plan. There are 28 methods as follows.

  1. Chopped into pieces Add boiled water and pour, but eat water
  2. Pickled drugs soaked with runoff or liquor Then poured water
  3. Bites with alcohol or alcohol And drip into the water, add water to eat
  4. Alkaline medicine Remove the alkaline water Then poured water
  5. Distilled water Remove the alkaline water Then poured water
  6. Cooked with it, put the oil in the box, blow the wound and the base of the abscess.
  7. Mix the mixture and boil it with water. Rinse mouth.
  8. Mixing and boiling water
  9. Mixture and boil water
  10. Mix the mixture and boil the garden water.
  11. Boiled into powder Grind thoroughly, dissolve the cord of water to eat
  12. Burned or roasted Tam is a powdered powder to thoroughly dissolve water.
  13. Mix and make powder, stirring thoroughly, put in the blown box on the nose and neck.
  14. Mixture and roll into cigarette Or stuffed the camera
  15. Compounded medicine comes as a medicine.
  16. Mixed medicine and make a compress
  17. Mixture and used as a poultice
  18. Mix the mixture and grind it into a powder, then spin it into tablets or bolts to swallow.
  19. Mix the mixture and grind the powder into a slab or spin into a stick and use the suppository.
  20. Compounding and crushing powdered tablets
  21. Mixture then grind powder, make pellets, then coat
  22. Mixture and make a capsule capsule (must have the word “traditional” on the capsule)
  23. The mixture is then wrapped in a cloth and then used to inhale.
  24. Mixture, then put the combustible box, use smoke, blow the wound and the abscess base.
  25. Mixing and burning fire or sprinkling on charcoal
  26. Mix the mixture and boil, steam or bake.
  27. Mix the mixture and stir the ointment into the wound. Which is called hard circle