Dimensional God: The Void Ring

Dimensional God: The Void Ring (Novel)
Other Name: 位面成神之虚空戒

Genre: novel, Sci-fi
Closed Mouth Zen
Related story:

Demigods fell and became a magical void ring, which accidentally fell into the hands of Xin Han.

Xin Han found that this void ring has the power of time and space, and can evolve the world of thousands. From then on, various martial arts worlds and movie worlds have become his playground.

Huo Tingen: “I accept the father, and you will be my little brother in the future.”

Wei Xiaobao: “Dear brother, I will mix with you in the future.”

Alice: “I will go wherever you go.”

Black Widow: “Dear, who is the same woman as me, I saw her seduce you just now.”

Xin Han: “Dai Sheng, look at Kazakhstan, the one who made the idea is me, the one who stepped on the point is me, and the person who gave you directions is also me. You are the one who responds to you or me. You are only responsible for stealing such small things as fairy pill. Proportionally speaking, I take 80% of these elixirs, do you have any opinion? ”

Sun Dasheng: “…”

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