I want to walk with you


” You stay still . I do what moves . Because it’s your satellite .”

Bigger and deeper than the trace of the Earthman who launched the spacecraft

Maro , a man who carves his footsteps .

“You will always be there, right ?”

With the past wounds , the emotions that have faded are not meaningful

Shi Eun , a pure and timid woman .

“ Are n’t you curious ? How about my lover Seokmaro .”

“ I know what kind of person I am .”

One coincidence , the second inevitable , and the next fate .

Like the earth orbiting the sun , like the motion of the star turns at regular intervals

The direction of the mind running to each other at an uncontrolled speed .

“ Do you think I’m being pushed ?”

” Sometimes I can’t go back without knowing you , now .”

Thrown into the endless universe, a big bang occurred in each other’s hearts

Feelings toward the other person began to expand at a crazy rate .

“If you’re on a path that might be lonely , it doesn’t make sense anymore , Si Eun .

I want to walk with you
Associated Names: 너와 같이 걷고 싶어
Old keyboard
Genres: romance
Year: 2019
Status: complete

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