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Yu Gan is bitter and you are super sweet

Yu Gan is bitter and you are super sweet (Novel)
Other Name: ขมเป็นยาหวานเป็นคุณ, 余甘很苦你超甜 , Emblem is bitter, you are super sweet
Genre: novel, Modern Emotion
เจี้ยงเหม่ยเหริน (绛美人), Crimson Beauty
857 End

Yu Gan is a blindly traditional Chinese medicine with slightly bitter sex and can heal people.
Yu Gangan is a small internet celebrity who is good at Chinese medicine and will save people.
Fang Zhihan is a prince, and he is very interested in Yu Gan: Yu Gan is my life-saving medicine, and Yu Gangan is my wife.

“Sorry, you are …”
“Listen, turn out that this is your husband.”

What is going on here!
Sitting in the house all of a sudden there is a husband!

“Yu Gan Gan” is a female doctor who specializes in the treatment of Chinese medicine. Half a month ago She had an accident on the road and fell unconscious. After reviving, he found himself at the hospital. The wounds aren’t serious. But had to rest for half a month After she recovered Instead, a man stood before her. Said that she had amnesia and also said that he is her husband!
She, who has never been in love, never has a boyfriend. How to get a husband …

“Who are you exactly?”
“your husband!”

Seven syllables, just like before …

In short, what happened when she lost consciousness? When she didn’t know him And why, then, why does he have to claim to be her husband? Or is she really amnesia? …


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