Graz City (Austria) 1 Day Itinerary

If you have one day in Graz city then you might want to look around in the city and this will be some sample that you might like. This plan I took in google search and this will be best plan for visit this city during your stay in 1 day.

Graz is a city in Austria. As of 2009, the population was 291,574 people, making it the second largest city in Austria, behind Vienna. And is also the capital city of Styria.

1. Schloßberg
1,000-yar-old castle atop a hill overlooking the city with a funicular railway going to the top.

2. Graz Clock Tower
Landmark hilltop 13th-century medieval clock tower with a garden & panoramic town views.

3. Murinsel
The Murinsel in Graz, Austria, is an artificial floating “island” in the middle of the Mur river and links the two banks on both sides.

4. Universal museum Joanneum
The Universalmuseum Joanneum is a multidisciplinary museum with buildings in several locations in the province of Styria, Austria.

5. Kunsthaus Graz
Riverside contemporary art museum in amorphous blue building, with cutting-edge exhibitions.

6. Landeszeughaus
The Styrian Armoury, in the Austrian city of Graz, is the world’s largest historic armoury and attracts visitors from all over the world. It holds approximately 32,000 pieces of weaponry, tools, suits of armour for battle and ones for parades.

7. Parlamento regional de Graz
Elegant, ornate Renaissance palace built in 1527 with arched windows & a courtyard of arcades.

8. Hauptplatz
Historical town square surrounded by medieval buildings & featuring a bronze statue of a punk.

9. Double spiral stairs
Iconic double spiral staircase in the Burg known for its architectural beauty & historic charm.

10. Graz Cathedral
Built in the 15th century, this Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral is dedicated to Saint Giles.

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