Tottori Prefecture, Japan Information

Tottori Prefecture Places to visit in Japan that many people may not be familiar with or have never known before. If you are the one who is looking for a new place to travel And like Japanese cartoons Fascinated with the wonders of nature And especially favors seafood, especially crabs. Tottori is a place to visit that you should not miss. And we believe that you will definitely fall in love with Tottori

There are 3 ways to travel to Tottori.

  1. Travel to Kansai Airport and connect to the train. JR enters Tottori Prefecture on the east side. (Such as Chisu city or Tottori city district)
  2. Travel to Kansai Airport and connect the JR train to Tottori in the west via Okayama Prefecture (such as Yonago City or Waka Iminato City)
  3. Use domestic airlines to Tottori Airport or Yonago Airport.

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