Prague Castle in Czech Republic

Prague Castle is one of the gem land in Czech. Prague Castle is an ancient castle with an important historical story that distinctive with gothic architecture. In the past they used to be the residence of the Emperor of Bohemia.

The castle is one of the city’s landmark. Prague Castle was built in the 11th century with Gothic art for more than 800 years old ago. Now, this castle is recored in the Guinness book. In the recorded told about the castle has various components that most complex in the world. There are about 70,000 square meters in the castle. Currently they used this castle as one of the workplace for Czech President.

The main point of the castle is St. Vitus Cathedral. This is the largest and most beautiful Gothic cathedral style that locate inside the castle. This place is Roman Catholicism church and the largest with most important for this country. The main tower have 96.5 meters high and twin towers at the front have 82 meters high.

Inside the cathedral was used as a place to store the bodies of many Bohemia kings. Each part was meticulously decorated with stained glass, saint image, statue and Christian story. Another highlight at Prague Castle is guard changed paradise that they usually change guards around the castle many time. This ceremony will start from 05.00 hrs. – 23.00 hrs every day.

They have admission fee for visit the castle from 250 CZK in short term period and 350 CZK in long term period.

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