Lamgau Caves in Goa, India

Lamgau Caves is located at Bicholim, which is 35 Kms from north-east of Panaji, Goa. Lamgau Caves Goa is known for its emerald beaches. But the state has a lot of other gems to attract numerous travelers, like the shops, clubs and caves. Caves of Goa reflect a past influenced with art. Lamgau Caves of Goa is one of the best caves of Goa. Lamgau Caves are carved out of laterite, which is somewhat delicate. Palm trees have covered the caves with abundance. One of the two caves here has a beautiful structure in the sanctum that looks like a pavilion. Even the ceilings and beams have been carved with much dedication. The other cave is larger, and has a craggy route. A Shiva Lingam, Tulsi and a small image of Nandi is installed in the courtyard of this cave. These caves are one of the major attractions of Goa and are located in Bicholim, 25 km from Panaji.

To reach Lamgau caves, you can opt for any of the three ways. The first way is driving from Bicholim towards Mapusa and then Panaji. The other way is via Lamgau village where one needs to trek along the hill base to reach the caves. The last way is by going on-board a jetty from Pigao village.

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