Nyatapola Temple in Nepal

Mondatapapala or Nyatapola Temple in Patan City (Pathan). This is an ancient city located above the Pakmat River and is the highest mandapa in Nepal created in year 2017 and built in 1702 during the period of King Ashoka the Great During the 3rd century by King Bhupintara Mallah. It’s beautiful temple in Nepal with a 5-storey roof, which is located on a base with a 5-story balcony, allowing to see from afar Each floor has statues in the shape of a squat. These kimonos are famous for their solid structures and delicate decorations which is considered a symbol of this city.

City of Patan located 5 kilometers southeast of Kathmandu and is known as a twin city of Kathmandu. It is called the City of Beauty. The city is also known as the city of art. Especially famous for the center of Tibetan craftsmanship. Famous for the Buddha images It is an ancient city that is still alive. The city is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist buildings. Due to the diversity of medieval culture, both Hinduism and Buddhism flourished in this area.

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