5 Places to stay around Taipei Main Station in Taiwan

Taipei main station is one of the favorites place that tourists like to stay during visit Taiwan. Because it’s not far from the main center of Taipei and train always stop to this station. You also can take train from this place to visit outside the city. Hotel around the main center are from one star to four stars also have hostel and capsules hotel, too.

1. Inn Cube Taipei Main Station is located in Taipei Main Station which is the bus hub of Taipei. If coming to MRT Taipei Main Station walk out from the station and take exit on M8. Its just 40 steps away from the station. The hotel located on the 10-11 floor of the building. The price is still not high around NT$750 to up per night and depend on the type of room. They have 38 guestrooms with shared bathroom.

2. Cosmos Hotel Taipei is 4 stars hotel with 225 smoke-free guestrooms. This hotel is only 1 minute walk from Taipei Main Station’s. When you arrive to Taipei Main Station then take exit from M3. This hotel also not far aways from the National Taiwan Museum. Price is start from NT$2,000 to up.

3. Caesar Park Taipei is 4 stars hotel with 478 guestrooms and near Taipei Main Station. The location is just opposite to Taipei station. In this hotel have H&M store, Uniqlo store, NET store and many snack shop around. You can walk around and have fun there.

4. Bouti City Capsule Inn is hostel with 2.5 hotel rate. The hostel have only 89 rooms for service with share bathroom. The hotel is near Taipei Main Station and Taipei West bus terminal. Price start from NT$750 to up.

5. Taipei M Hotel Main Station is 3.5 stars hotel that near MRT Taipei Main Station on exit Z10 (with no elevator) or exit Z4 (with elevator). This hotel has 286 rooms. From Taoyuan Airport you can use the Kuo-Kuang 1819 bus to Taipei Main Station on exit East 3 and about 800 meters far from the hotel.

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