Fuzhou Temple in Fujian, China

Fuyue Temple is the most famous temple in Pudong Island. The Guanyin Pagoda, the largest meditation center, has an area of ​​37,019 square meters. The temple is the largest temple of the temple. 47 meters long, 29 meters deep and 21 meters high, will be different from the Buddhist temple. Because of the Goddess Guan Yin is 8.8 meters high.

History of Xichan Temple

Xichan Temple was built by a great monk of Tang Dynasty, named Da An (大安, 793-883). Born in Fuqing County of Fujian Province, he was initiated into monkhood in his 24 in Qianyuan Temple, and then he visited in Jiangxi Province and later lived in Hunan Province for 30 years. After he got back to Fujian Province and completed the construction of Xichan Temple, his followers lived in the temple have reached 3000. He also was once awarded as a master with a purple Kasaya robe and Tibetan sutra by the emperor. Today, relevant records still can be found in the well-preserved tablet inscription of Tang Dynasty in the temple.

Later, another master of the temple, the abbot Hui Ji has planted 4 Litchi trees in the temple; the one in the west direction of which is still sturdy which has stood for over 1000 years. A memorial tower with a tablet inscription for him is also the important historical relic in the temple. Xichan Temple was repaired twice in Song Dynasty (960-1279); the present scale and layout was finalized in Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), and most of the halls can be seen today were rebuilt in modern times because of the damages in wars.

Address: in Fengwei Village, Yishan Mountain, only 1.5 km west of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province.
Ticket Fee: CNY 20

How to get there:

  • on private coach or take buses No.14, 27, 39, 64, 91, 96, 97, 112, 113, 123, 128, 307, 317, 606, 701, 723, 812, 813, 941, 957, and get off at the station of Xichan Temple (Chinese:西禅寺).

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