Jiufen Old Street Highlights in Taiwan

Jiufen Old Street (九份) is the main tourist street with both sides filled with local shops in the atmosphere of old houses for long time. There are buildings around the street such as tea houses, souvenir shops, various food and snack shops. Jiufen city have ancient dessert recipe such as taro balls in coconut cream, fish ball, Roti (cotton candy burrito pancake). There will be red lantern decorations at the top of the street.

This place is Taiwan’s top tourist and it’s highlight on the north side. People come and travel for a lot of time. When you come and visit this street sometimes you will feel not same as you expect but they still have shop to visit on the ancient style. There is a lot of roads that are hidden from main street. The stores have their own artwork and some shops are cute. The store around 8 pm mostly will close and open again tomorrow.

How to get there:

  1. From MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 2 then take Bus # 1062 (around 80 min)
  2. From MRT Songshan Exit 4 then take Bus # 1062 (60 min)
  3. From MRT XIMEN Exit 2 then take Bus # 965 (80 min)
  4. From MRT BEIMEN Exit 2 then take Bus # 965 (80 min)
  5. Between Taipei – Ruifang – Bus 788, 825, 826, 856, 965, 1061, 1062 (50 + 20 min)

Note that Bus # 1062 has every 15-20 minutes ride and bus # 965 has every 30-60 minutes ride.

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