Jewish Synagogue in Kerala, India

Jewish Synagogue is the oldest synagogue of the commonwealth nations, the Jewish Synagogue in Kochi Kerala is also called the Paradesi Synagogue (the word ‘Paradesi’ means ‘foreigner’ in Indian languages). Jewish Synagogue in Kerala was built in the year 1568 by the Jewish community of Kerala called the Malabar Yehudan.

But over the recent years, since the Israel state has been established, the Jewish population in Kerala has left for Israel and there are hardly a significant number of the members of the community left here. The Jewish Synagogue in Kochi is located in Jew Street in Jew Town in Old Kochi.

The Jewish Synagogue in Kochi Kerala is one of the most distinguished synagogues. It was rebuilt and renovated by the Dutch after the 1662 war, which partially destroyed it. This synagogue has Scrolls of Law, a number of gold crowns that were received as gifts, beautiful chandeliers, a brass railed pulpit, a clock tower and refines Chinese tiles hand painted in blue. The gold and silver crowns offered by the different patrons to the Synagogue are also kept displayed.

How to reach the Jewish Synagogue in Kochi Kerala

  • 218 kms north of Thiruvananthapuram and 223 kms south of Kozikode lies Kochi. To reach the Jewish Synagogue in Kochi, you can also avail the National Highway 17

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