Ob Luang National Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ob Luang National Park is a touristic place creating beautifully and gigantically by the nature. Because of its geographical features where the curvy river runs through the steep and narrow mountain pass, the river stream is then very strong making the loud sound when hitting the cliff. Also, there is a bridge connecting both banks where tourists can experience the amazing view of Ob Luang National Park.

Inside Ob Luang National Park, there are also prehistoric archeology sites such as tombs of the ancients and white drawing in Pha Chang shack where tourists can visit. Besides, nature trails, inflatable-boat rafting and kayaking in the Jam River are offered for tourists to try new experiences.

More information contact Ob Luang National Park tel. 0 5-322-9272 or contact Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Tel. 02-562-0760 or at

How to get there:

Ob Luang National Parte is located 105 kilo­metres from Chiang Mai town along Highway No. 108 (Chiang Mat-HoJ-Mae Sariang) Formations below creating spectacular view of current flowing like translucent fiber spreading all cliffs and terrain. Interesting Prehistoric archaeological site was found near ob Luang.

  • Mae Tla Waterfall, one of the beautiful waterfalls, is located in the middle of the jungle of Huai Mae Tia in Amphoe Chom Thong. It cascades from a 80 metres cliff on to the plain below.
  • Doi Pha Chang. The granite rocky outcrob is 300 metres long and 49 metres high and has black color. Its shape is like a gigantic elephant sitting on Doi Pha Chang
  • Thep Phanom Hot Spring is located in Tambon Tha Pha, Amphoe Mae Cham, far from ob Luang 14 kilometres.
  • Tham Tong is the limestone and granite cave.
  • Tham Tu Pu, a small cave offers a scenic view of stalagmite and stalactite.
  • Mae Cham River originates from the mountain range in Mae Hong Son province. Its current is strong and zigzagging along the cliffs and valleys.

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