Tribal Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Hill tribe Institute Museum (Tribal Museum) was found by The Hill tribe Research Institute, Department of Public Welfare,and Department of Employment and Social Welfares. The Institute Museum is a small museum which offers exhibits concerning the lives and cultures of ten Hill tribe peoples in Thailand; the Akha, Lahu, Lisu, Yao, Hmong, Karen, Lua, Khamu, and H’tin. Also included are a non-hill tribe ethnic minority, the Mlabri, associated by some with the ‘spirit of the yellow leaves’. The Mlabri population has dwindled to a few individuals at present. After the region’s cultures and economics have changed, these hill tribes have to adapt themselves into a major social.

Accordingly, the founder team established this museum to increase the knowledge of the social concerning the customs, varied cultures, and local wisdom of the different hill tribe peoples. The daily lives of the various Hill tribe peoples are illustrated through exhibits of photographs, agricultural implements, household utensils, artifacts associated with the various traditional religions, musical instruments, and ethnic costumes. The museum is located in the area of Lanna Garden Rama IX, Chotana Road, Mae Rim, Tumbol Chang Phuek, Amphoe Mueng. It is not far from Chiang Mai National Museum. For those who are interested in hill tribe cultures should pay a visit. It takes around half a day to explore both museums. There are also some art works and handcrafts made by hill tribe available at the museum.

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