Hello, Lord Male God

Hello, Lord Male God
Other names: Hello,男神大人
Author: Wei Girl
Genre: Novel
Release: 2018
Status: Ongoing


Wall Crack recommends the new article “My Sweet Wife Is Here, Sweet Love!” “Once she was born again, she became a black-bellied and obscene woman disguised as a man… Oh no, a black-bellied young master.
Occasionally abuse the scum, tear the white lotus with hands, provoke the female fans and break the male fans to be the winners in life.

I thought that beautiful women could go around the knees and three thousand beauties, but I didn’t want to accidentally provoke a black belly. From then on, the spring night was short and the limbs became weak.
One day, the reporter interviewed, “Little Master, what is the secret of your success.” Tang is small but silent. Holding a golden finger in his left hand, and a loyal dog husband in his right hand, he will be blind if he does not reach the pinnacle of his life.