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Amnesia’s wife wants to divorce

Amnesia’s wife wants to divorce (Novel)
Other Name:  失忆娇妻要离婚
Author: Gu Eucalyptus
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“Amnesia’s Wife Wants to Divorce” is a romance novel written by author Gu Eucalyptus, which is currently completed. The main characters are Ye Zhixia and Fu Sihan. The story of the novel mainly tells “Mr. Fu, let’s divorce.” Ye Zhixia Submit the agreement. “Divorce? Don’t even think about it!” President Fu Da sneered and directly rejected the proposal with practical actions. Upon awakening, Ye Zhixia discovered that she had become a married woman, and her husband was still at the helm of the powerful Fu family. Everyone used to think that Fu was always very cold, now everyone feels blind. One day, the media asked Mr. Fu three times. “Mr. Fu, what is the sweetest food you have eaten?” Fu Sihan: “My wife!” “Fu, what are your favorite flowers?” Fu Sihan: “Make money for my wife.” Media Take the risk and ask: “Mr. Fu, I heard that Miss Ye has a bad temper and is still very good?” Fu Sihan: “I’m petting, do you have an opinion?”

Chapter List:

Chapter 1 Don’t let my wife run away!
Chapter 2 I know you well?
Chapter 3 Mysterious Husband
Chapter 4 I want to divorce you
Chapter 5 Arrogant Little Three
Chapter 6 Do you think dad still wants you?
Chapter 7 Don’t be afraid that this will explode, so that you can’t mix
Chapter 8 Who made you stubborn?
Chapter 9 I am afraid I will never see you on the last side
Chapter 10 The Lady Was Cast Out by the Ye Family
Chapter 11 Does Not Need Her Gratitude
Chapter 12 Betrayal
Chapter 13 Hugging Thighs
Chapter 14 Sign the Word
Chapter 15 I Like You
Chapter 16 New Clues
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19 Junk Food
Chapter 20

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