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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
Associated Names: 年先生,慢慢喜欢你, Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly
 Leaf Snow,Ye Xue,葉雪
Genre(s): novel, Mature, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
Year: 2018
Status: 1064+


It was supposed to be a perfect deal in which both parties got what they needed. However, after the child was born, he tore up the agreement with discontent and told her, “Who said that we’d only have one child? I want twins! Twin brother and sister! You’ll continue giving birth to more children until you bore me a pair of twins!”

Luosang was beyond endurance. “Nian Junting, damn you…” she raised up against him, “Nian Junting, is this fair to the pure love in your heart?” Then, a marriage certificate was thrown at her.

He landed on her, slowly curved his lips in a smile, saying, “Aren’t you my pure love?”


Chapter 1 You Have No Place in this Community as Long as Zhong Yi is Here
Chapter 2 Do Not Take Advantage of Me —You Don’t Deserve It
Chapter 3 I Don’t Want the Others to Know That I Was Carried in a Woman’s Arms
Chapter 4 Isn’t That Breakfast Too Good for a Carer?
Chapter 5 Let Luosang Give You A Sponge Bath Tonight
Chapter 6 When Are You Gonna Stop Eye-raping Me?
Chapter 7 Don’t Touch Me
Chapter 8 You Shouldn’t Have Such A Low Taste
Chapter 9 Don’t Tell Your Boss, it’s Our Secre
Chapter 10 Didn’t She Say She Needs to Go Back To Pick Some Clothes? But She’s Here Having Beef Rice Noodles
Chapter 11 Mr. Nian Can Shake Xia City by Stomping His Foot
Chapter 12 Nian Junting’s Face Suddenly Turned Frosty
Chapter 13 Was He Telling Her that She’s No Better Than His Dog?
Chapter 14 A Thousand Per Day? That’s Too Little
Chapter 15 Does She Need to Sponge-bathe Nian Junting Every Day?
Chapter 16 Tingting’s Gonna Like These, These Are His Favorite
Chapter 17 Mr. Nian… You Don’t Need to Be Shy
Chapter 18 Don’t Play the Game that You Played the Last Time, I Don’t Like It
Chapter 19 What Do You Want? I Don’t Need You
Chapter 20 He Couldn’t Help but Glance at Her for A Couple of Times
Chapter 21 Mr. Nian, Yi Jingxi From the Xu Group Asked to See You
Chapter 22 That Girl Looks Like Luosang From Behind
Chapter 23 You Must Find Her
Chapter 24 Sorry, She’s Mine Now
Chapter 25 Luosang Protects Him Like a Hen Protects Her Chicks
Chapter 26 You Use A Coat Which Cost Tens of Thousands As A Seat Cushion?
Chapter 27 Why Didn’t You Tell Me Earlier that You Got Injured so Badly?
Chapter 28 – You Are so Manly!
Chapter 29 – That is A Deadly Humiliation to A Man
Chapter 30 – Even The Nicest Person Can Get Angry Too
Chapter 31 – Nian Xi Felt that Her Brother Was Like A Puppy
Chapter 32 – By the Noisy Mahjong Table, He Tightened His Body And Went into A Trance
Chapter 33 – She Even Tried to Allure Him in Front of so Many People
Chapter 34 – Can’t You See that Luosang Likes Me?
Chapter 35 – Happy New Year
Chapter 36 – You Weren’t Here, so Young Master’s been in a Bad Mood the Whole Time
Chapter 37 – Ms. Nian Wasn’t Fixing Me Up With Mr. Rong, Was She?
Chapter 38 – She Suddenly Told Him that She Likes Him
Chapter 39 – Want Me to Forgive You? You Have to Ask The Lady Beside Me First
Chapter 40 – I Think… the Narrow-minded and Bad-tempered Mr. Nian has No Reason to Forgive Them
Chapter 41 – Xiao Si is too Wicked, I Don’t Like Him
Chapter 42 – Which Part of Your Fingers Are Aching? Let Me See
Chapter 43 – These Two Seem to Be Flirting with Each Other
Chapter 44 – It Doesn’t Seem Like An Accident
Chapter 45 – She Works for Me
Chapter 46 – Once We Confirmed that She’s Wrong, I’ll Fire Her Immediately
Chapter 47 – Is That How You Do Your Work? Or, Did You Want to Con Me?
Chapter 48 – Luosang, Who Are You?
Chapter 49 – Nian Junting Suddenly Feel Tender and Protective Toward Luosang
Chapter 50 – Don’t Dream About it, She’s Mine
Chapter 51 – The Man She Loves was Being Harassed, Yet She Isn’t Anxious About it at All
Chapter 52 – You’re At Least Not so Dramatical when Trying to Take Advantage of Me
Chapter 53 – What Should We Do?
Chapter 54 – I Don’t Need Your Compliment
Chapter 55 – Sorry, I Didn’t Mean to Interrupt You
Chapter 56 – He’s Treating You Differently than Us
Chapter 57 – It Should be Clear That I am a Woman
Chapter 58 – You Want to Sell What I Gave You?
Chapter 59 – He Has Spent His Time in the Army, and He Was a Special Force Soldier
Chapter 60 – Mr. Nian Said that You Don’t Like Sweet Food
Chapter 61 – Don’t Look at Me so Lovingly Again
Chapter 62 – Are You Trying to Say That You Cannot Sleep Because of Me?
Chapter 63 – Cut the Crap, I Don’t Like Being Disobeyed
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 – It’s A Pity that You Don’t Have Me, but at Least You Have Good Memories
Chapter 66 – I Remember that We used to Have A Dubber Named Xu Luosang, She’s Amazing
Chapter 67 – You’re Not Having Insomnia Because You Miss Luosang too Much, Are You?
Chapter 68 – She Turned off Her Phone for No Reason
Chapter 69 – Didn’t You See it in WeChat Moment?
Chapter 70 – Luosang, When Did You Know Chi Shengxu so Well
Chapter 71 – You Reminded Me of Someone
Chapter 72 – Luosang, it’s Really You
Chapter 73 – Zhong Yi is Trying to look like a Kind, Innocent Little Girl
Chapter 74 – Since You Want So Much to be a Phoenix, How About I Admit that You’re A Genuine one?
Chapter 75 – Ye Chuen Turned Out to be Nian Junting’s Distant Cousin
Chapter 76 – Mr. Yi, Thank God You’re Here, Xu Luosang is Crazy
Chapter 77 – If I Ever See You Hit Her Again, I’ll Make You Suffer Ten Times Worse
Chapter 78 – Thanks to You, I’ve been Hiding, Unhappily
Chapter 79 – Don’t Say That in Front of Luosang; That Man is Her Father After All
Chapter 80 – You’re Trying to Stay in Shape, But I’ll Make You Fat
Chapter 81 – Why’re You Barking? Is Something in There?
Chapter 82 – Long Time No See, Mr. Nian
Chapter 83 – I Haven’t Seen You For A While, It Turned Out that You Went to Get Plastic Surgery
Chapter 84 – I Like Doing It in the Toilet
Chapter 85 – Next Time When You Want to Allure Me, Wear More Clothes
Chapter 86 – How Can I be Allured so Easily by A Black Dress?
Chapter 87 – Luosang Didn’t Know How To Keep Distance From Other Men
Chapter 88 – How Can Xu Luosang know Someone Like Nian Junting?
Chapter 89 – You Think I Care About Those Three Words?
Chapter 90 – Aren’t You Thirty? Did you Lie to Me?
Chapter 91 – She Felt A Little Uncomfortable, so She Could Only Move Slightly Toward Nian Junting
Chapter 92 – She Left When His Body was Aroused
Chapter 93 – You’ve Made My Jacket Dirty
Chapter 94 – I’m Getting Old, It’s the Time for Me to Try Having A Girlfriend
Chapter 95 – Have I Been Misunderstanding Everything?
Chapter 96 – I Think Mr. Nian is Kinda into You
Chapter 97 – She’d Like to See if Zhong Yi Still Has the Mood to Act Today
Chapter 98 – If You’re Not Useful to Me, I’d have Destroyed You
Chapter 99 – Because of Luosang, He Had A Sleepless Night
Chapter 100 – Tingting, Stop Bothering Me
Chapter 101 – It Has Been Days; Why Hasn’t She Given Me My Jacket Back?
Chapter 102 – Why Are Nian Junting and Lu Kang here?
Chapter 103 – She Looks Nice Today
Chapter 104 – Who the Hell is Chi Shengxu? Is that Man more Handsome and Capable then him?
Chapter 105 – Nian Junting Knows Luosang and the Others, and He’s So Nice to Them
Chapter 106 – Mr. Nian, You’re so Dramatic
Chapter 107 – Next Time, Keep A Distance From That Sissy Boy
Chapter 108 – Mr. Nian, There’s A Generation Gap Between Us
Chapter 109 – She’s So Good at Playing Hard-to-Get Now
Chapter 110 – Look at You, Bullying Two Girls
Chapter 111 – Mr. Nian, She’s… Your Woman?
Chapter 112
Chapter 113 – He Protected Her, and Respected Her
Chapter 114 – Do You Want to be with Me and Hold My Hands Every day?
Chapter 115 – Mr. Nian, Have You even Started Reading Your Horoscope?
Chapter 116 – Mr. Nian, You Are Better and Better at Talking Barefaced Nonsense
Chapter 117 – Yi Jingxi Suddenly Feel Uneasy and Annoyed
Chapter 118 – Miss. Luo Sent Me A Message, Said that She Broke Your Jacket and Doesn’t Know What to Do
Chapter 119 – Nian Junting Was Going to the Seaside to Pick Her Up
Chapter 120 – You… How Can A Woman Say Something like That?
Chapter 121 – You’re out on a date with me; Don’t you think You’re being too Casual?
Chapter 122 – I’ve Been Perfect Since Young
Chapter 123 – I’ve been Keeping a Low Profile, so I Hardly Drive This Car
Chapter 124 – He Could Already Picture Her Surprise
Chapter 125 – The Whole Restaurant Will be Yours, You’ll Have as Many noodles as You Like
Chapter 126 – Thanks for Buying Me Clothes, My Wife
Chapter 127 – Mr. Nian, Can You Take Your Hand Away from My Shoulder
Chapter 128 – He Looked Kind of Cute with His Hot Flushed Cheeks
Chapter 129 – Luosang Heard A Buzzing in Her Head. Why Did He Suddenly Kiss Her?
Chapter 130 – Don’t You Fancy Me? Let’s Date Then
Chapter 131 – If You Say that You Really Don’t Like Me, I Won’t Offer You Another Chance
Chapter 132 – How Do You Look So Sexy Drenched from the Rain
Chapter 133 – You’re Jealous, so You Want to Find a Man to Stimulate Me, Right?
Chapter 134 – How Could She Not Fancy Someone as Perfect as He Is?
Chapter 135 – You can’t want to be with her only Because she’s able to make your body React
Chapter 136 – You have feelings for her, don’t you?
Chapter 137
Chapter 138 – Do you not feel anything at all for him?
Chapter 139 – Why Is He Here? He Looks Familiar with Luo Sang
Chapter 140 – She Thought Only Yi Jingxi Knew About Her Identity, Who Knew…
Chapter 141 – Jingxi, Why Do I Like You So Much?
Chapter 142 – You’re Just a Petty Thief With a Pretty Face
Chapter 143 – Luo Sang, You’ve been Lying to Me the Whole Time
Chapter 144 – Her Brother Just Couldn’t Keep An Aloof Front, Could He?
Chapter 145 – Why Does She Look so Cute Dressing like That?
Chapter 146 – It Occurred to Nian Xi Her Brother’s Ulterior Motives Behind Bringing the Dog Out.
Chapter 147 – Stop Singing, Or You Might Attract the Attention of Other People
Chapter 148 – Her brother’s attitude made her feel like she just had a mouthful of dog food
Chapter 149 – From Now On, I’ll be Shelling All Your Prawns
Chapter 150 – As long as I’m in the driver’s seat, you have
Chapter 151 – It Seems that You Want to Marry Me
Chapter 152 – Oh my god! You guys are already sleeping together after one night?
Chapter 153 – Don’t Worry, I’ve Fixed Your Problem
Chapter 154 – Don’t be uneasy, I can lend myself to your aid for a while
Chapter 155 – How About This; I’ll Pay for Your Food from Now on
Chapter 156 – Judging by how intimate they were acting, it was hard to believe that they didn’t sleep together last night
Chapter 157 – Mr. Chi, Right? Thank You for Looking After My Girlfriend
Chapter 158 – It’ll be an impossible mission to get rid of my brother
Chapter 159 – For My Girlfriend’s Reputation, I Don’t Care About the Money
Chapter 160 – Except for Luosang’s, Isn’t that strange?
Chapter 161 – I’ll Sue You for Slander
Chapter 162 – Hello sister-in-law, welcome aboard my brother’s pirate ship
Chapter 163 – You’re even in Her Bed and Spreading Her Blanket
Chapter 164 – Besides, the bed isn’t even long enough for me to lie down
Chapter 165 – Luosang, I’ve Never Heard of Fake Boyfriends
Chapter 166 – I’m not attracted to men who throw themselves at me…
Chapter 167 – I’m not the Jealous type, so you don’t need to Explain in Detail
Chapter 168 – The natural course after sleeping at the villa would be sleeping together in the same bed
Chapter 169 – It was as if Every Cell in His Body was Shouting ‘Compliment Me!’
Chapter 170 – Toying with your feelings? I’ve never flirted with you before, have I?
Chapter 171 – Should I Call Him Tingting like Xiao Si?
Chapter 172 – Old rules apply, whoever who finds a boyfriend must treat everyone else to a meal
Chapter 173 – But I’m Not Thinking About You, I’m just Thinking About Breakfast
Chapter 174 – Oh right, I prohibit your roommate from calling you Luoluo from now on, only I can call you that
Chapter 175 – You’re A Happy Little Piglet in My Eyes
Chapter 176 – I will only shower you with words of affirmation
Chapter 177 – He was Stirred Right now, and he Hadn’t been Stirred like this for a long time
Chapter 178 – Yeah, you are my little vixen
Chapter 179 – I Guess Sister Lan only Knows that I Have A Good Appetite for Tofu and Cabbage
Chapter 180
Chapter 181 – Luo, You’re the Master of Flirting
Chapter 182 – Luoluo, I won’t kiss you. Come help me put on the ointment
Chapter 183
Chapter 184
Chapter 185 – Have You Been Reading the Guides on Sweet Talking at Home?
Chapter 186 – Anyway Mr. Nian, you even know about the girls unbuckling their belts, are you also…
Chapter 187 – You’re My Girlfriend, so it’s Reasonable for Me to Help You
Chapter 188 – Say, do you think a man who throws himself at a woman is unattractive?
Chapter 189 – And Yi Jingxi, the Man I Introduced to You Last Year
Chapter 190 – She found herself missing Nian Junting
Chapter 191 – Don’t Forget about Luosang’s Mother
Chapter 192 – She didn’t expect Xiao Si to be one of his poker mates tonight
Chapter 193 – Luosang, Why Are You Here?
Chapter 194 – From this day on, her hatred for Yi Jingxi shall never cease
Chapter 195 – Yi Jingxi Was My Fiance
Chapter 196 – Tingting said that he wanted to purchase a film production company. He’s doing that for you, you know?
Chapter 197 – Who Bullied You?
Chapter 198 – She hardly ever held his hands and now, she was dragging him into the woods?
Chapter 199 – She Kissed Him for the First Time
Chapter 200 – Do you have a secret fetish for masochis
Chapter 201 – Are You Saying We Can French Kiss Tomorrow?
Chapter 202 – He would do anything to kiss her again
Chapter 203 – You Couldn’t Sleep Because You Missed Mr. Nian so Much, Did You?
Chapter 204 – Nothing is more important than kissing you…
Chapter 205 – I Won’t Take Advantage of You. I’ll Wear Swimming Trunks for You
Chapter 206 – I’m going to kiss you for half an hour straight, that’ll surely take your breath away
Chapter 207 – Are You Aware that I Have A Girlfriend Now?
Chapter 208 – Judging by her innocent looks, I must be her first
Chapter 209 – I Have Never Seen A Jealous Man like You
Chapter 210 – Junting brother is akin to Mount Everest
Chapter 211 – You Owe Me Nineteen French Kisses
Chapter 212 – Apart from you, everyone else is an ugly duckling
Chapter 213 – Nian Junting Broke in with Large Steps
Chapter 214 – You are not allowed to have any skin contact with another man apart from me
Chapter 215 – Luosang, You Impressed Me
Chapter 216 – Mr. Nian is sure a petty man, but it also goes to show that he cares about you
Chapter 217 – Ask Junting if He’ll Come
Chapter 218 – Any later, she would surely be surrounded by pesky suitors
Chapter 219 – I Think Luo Sang is Acting A Little Strange, as if She’s Suddenly Distracted
Chapter 220 Zhong Yi was standing behind her and now, Nian Junting’s grandma was right in front of her
Chapter 221  I’ve Luckily Met Mr. Nian Last Year
Chapter 222 – Junting is here! Along with Nian Xi
Chapter 223 – Within This Short While, Zhong Yi Fell into the Water
Chapter 224 – My dog seems to like this lady
Chapter 225 – Jingxi, Look…
Chapter 226 – Luo Sang, go apologise to sister Zhong Yi later?
Chapter 227 – Nian Junting Bent over to Give Luosang Artificial Respiration
Chapter 228 – Luo Sang is my fiancée
Chapter 229 – Yi Jingxi, right? Wake up!
Chapter 230 – You don’t even qualify to be my love rival
Chapter 231 – We’re A Couple. She Pursued Me
Chapter 232 – Yeah… she’s the daughter of Xu Zhengxuan of the Xu Group
Chapter 233 – Nian Junting Was Boiling with Anger
Chapter 234 – How was Luo Sang humiliated at the poker game?
Chapter 235 – She Envies Luo for being Prettier than her and having a Better Voice
Chapter 236 – He said that you were his fiancée, are you really?
Chapter 237 – Are You Still Mad at Me?
Chapter 238 – But why did she find him so adorable?
Chapter 239 – You’re Not Mad
Chapter 240 – How intense was the kiss such that she fainted?
Chapter 241 – I’m Older than You, so I’ll Tolerate You
Chapter 242 – You were the one who slept in my bed in the first place
Chapter 243 – You Crawled into My Arms and Took Advantage of Me, yet You’re Blaming Me
Chapter 244 – She’s my girlfriend, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about mouth-to-mouth, is there?
Chapter 245 – Junting, Don’t Go Too Far. Chuen Never Offended You
Chapter 246 – If not for Ye Chuen provoking Mr Nian with his pet peeve
Chapter 247 – His Woman Still Has Her Virginity, Just Like Him
Chapter 248 – Am I of less importance to you than Yansu?
Chapter 249 – You Haven’t Recovered Yet, so I Need to Take Care of You At Night
Chapter 250 – Sangsang, you only have eyes for my br
Chapter 251 – That’s Uniform Temptation
Chapter 252 – Standing before her was statuesque figure dressed in a green army uniform
Chapter 253 – Who Allowed You to Come onto My Bed?
Chapter 254
Chapter 255 – Are You Going to Give Up on Zhong Zhou for A Woman?
Chapter 256 – I’m going to be with Xu Luosan no matter what
Chapter 257 – You Poured A Glass of Wine on Her Face
Chapter 258 – She was trying hard to recall if she bullied Luo Sang
Chapter 259 – Did Yi Jingxi See Me with Nian Junting by the Seaside?
Chapter 260 – Tell me truthfully, you haven’t forgotten Yi Jingxi, have you?
Chapter 261 – Looking at the Grumpy Nian Junting, Luosang Laughed so Hard
Chapter 262 – Luoluo was worried that I was unhappy and decided to feed me
Chapter 263 – Is Ji Nuanyi A Man or A Woman?
Chapter 264 – Now, not only do I have to be wary of women, I also have to be wary of men
Chapter 265 – If You Want Grandchildren, You’ll Have to Accept Her.
Chapter 266 – Brother Junting, I’m your sister after all
Chapter 267 – It’s… It’s Zhong Yi… Zhong Yi Said That
Chapter 268 – To love is to like deeply
Chapter 269 – Listen, I Like You Too, Very Much
Chapter 270 – Relationships are a love-hate affair
Chapter 271 – Sleep in Nian Junting’s Bedroom
Chapter 272 – So, you are going to compete for Yi Jingxi’s favour?
Chapter 273 – She Said that She’ll Definitely Make Nian Junting Break Up with You
Chapter 274 – My woman must have at least ten suitcases when she shifts house
Chapter 275 – The Bed is Too Small
Chapter 276 – Vigorous activities? Aren’t you being too shameless
Chapter 277 – He Had A Woman in His Arms, but He Can Only Hug Her and Kiss Her
Chapter 278 – Yi Jingxi could see the two of them holding hands clearly
Chapter 279 – This Time, He’ll Taste Jealousy Too
Chapter 280 – I don’t need to eat the hotpot, I’m full from the dog food
Chapter 281 – Sleepless Lonely Night
Chapter 282 – So you are really my brother, are you ill?
Chapter 283 – Did Mr. Nian Avenge You?
Chapter 284 – She Wouldn’t Be the Most Disappointed One
Chapter 285 – If She Acts Aggressively, He’ll Enjoy It
Chapter 286 – Luo Sang would never do that
Chapter 287 Is It My Fault to be too Handsome? What Can I Possibly Do About It?
Chapter 288 – If we want to have five kids, should we start early
Chapter 289 The First Time They Traveled Together and She Sneakily Hid A Box of Condoms in Her Bag
Chapter 290 – You’ve never even praised me like that before, do you fancy him?
Chapter 291 – Would it be a Shame if Nothing Happened in such a Huge Bed?
Chapter 292 – This Guy Was Scarily Possessive
Chapter 293 – She Didn’t Look Back, but She Knew that Those Were His Lips
Chapter 294 – Look, I’m having a nosebleed from over-stimulation
Chapter 295 – I Never Tried to Compliment Women, so My Words Are Limited
Chapter 296 – Do You Still Remember Me, Miss Ji?
Chapter 297 – She’s Staying in this Hotel. Yi Jingxi is Here too.
Chapter 298 – What did this mean, was she trying to make him jealous?
Chapter 299 – Last Time, Mr. Yi claimed that My Girlfriend is His Fiancee
Chapter 300 – Find yourself a caustic husband and you
Chapter 301 – What a Great Feeling It Was to Be Controlled by a Woman
Chapter 302 – Wife, Later, if You Like Anything, Tell Me
Chapter 303 – She Was Calling Another Man Her Hubby
Chapter 304 – She Knows Exactly What Size I Am
Chapter 305 – Mr. Yi, Have You Seen My Husband?
Chapter 306 – He Even Wanted to Chop up Nian Junting and Chew Him up
Chapter 307 – She Had No Idea What Stunt Nian Junting Was Going to Pull
Chapter 308 – If She’s Half Drunk, Someone Else Will Get A Chance
Chapter 309 – He Didn’t Want Her to Carry Him in Her Arms
Chapter 310 – I’m Your Elder Sister, so How Can You Hold Me to Sleep?
Chapter 311 – Luoluo, Don’t Leave Me
Chapter 312 – My Body is As Perfect As David’s
Chapter 313 – I Won’t Let You Down in This Lifetime
Chapter 314 – Mr. Xiao is Much More Handsome than You, And He has Dimples
Chapter 315 – Starved Until Her Stomach Cramped
Chapter 316 – Compared with Me, Yi Jingxi is Just Inexperienced
Chapter 317 – I Do Like What We Did Last Night as Well
Chapter 318 – You Look Like Someone from the Comic Books
Chapter 319 – What Kind of Guys Are the Male Leads in Youth Comics?
Chapter 320 – I Want to Be Like A Normal Couple with You
Chapter 321 – Your Okamoto Filled My Heart and Soul Completely
Chapter 322 – What’s Going on? Are You having A Fight?
Chapter 323 – You Shouldn’t Do That Anymore. It’ll Make It Worse
Chapter 324 – She Missed Him so much that she Secretly Sniffed His Shirt
Chapter 325 – Let me look at your wound
Chapter 326 – She didn’t Understand Why He Was Suddenly Angry
Chapter 327 – It’s Cold, I’ll Let You Hug Me to Sleep
Chapter 328 – Who Scratched Mr. Nian’s Chest?
Chapter 329 – You guys really think I’m that kind of person?
Chapter 330 – I’ll Disable You, so You Can Never be a Singer in Your Whole Life
Chapter 331 – Sangsang, I’m Thoroughly Impressed with You
Chapter 332 – Fourteen Missed Calls from Mr. Nian
Chapter 333 – I Didn’t Expect You to Go on a Date with Another Man Behind My Back
Chapter 334 – He’s Being Narcissistic for Himself, and His Girlfriend
Chapter 335 – Meet with the Wife of the CEO of the Zhong Zhou Group Corporation
Chapter 336 – My Woman is Perfect Indeed. She can even Win A Fight
Chapter 337 – You Can Understand What Kind of Person Ye Chuen Is
Chapter 338 – Luosang, is Your Boyfriend Outside?
Chapter 339 – She Was Cradled Like a Princess in His Arms
Chapter 340 – No other Man but I Can Afford You
Chapter 341 – Bringing her current partner to this movie
Chapter 342 – I Don’t Want to Leave You
Chapter 343 – It’s Fine. She’ll Sleep in the Master Bedroom with Me Tonight
Chapter 344 – Don’t be Shy, I’m Gonna Take Off My Clothes Anyway
Chapter 345 – Luoluo, I Want to See All of You
Chapter 346 – Nian Xi is My Sister—You Can’t Hurt Her
Chapter 347 – Jichuan Is Getting Nian Xi a Present for Christmas, What Are You Getting Me?
Chapter 348 – Yi Jingxi and Her Lay Side by Side on the Road
Chapter 349 – Luo Sang, Leave Him
Chapter 350 – Because of You, I Learned How Nice Nian
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