My youth without you

My youth without you
Other names: 我的青春没有你
Author: Tong Xin
Genre: Novel, Action
Release: 2017
Status: 322 Ongoing


Husband scolded me for being mean and shameless, and actually went to the boss for money; Xiao San scolded me for being virtuous and virtuous on the surface, but actually selfish and domineering;
The parents-in-law also scolded me for killing their son, and wanted to destroy the roots of the Song family.
Only then did I understand that being strong, tolerant, obedient and considerate, in the eyes of the wrong person can only be trampled on.

My dearest person hurt my body without a complete skin, and my heart is dead water, so I won’t explain it anymore. I have always known that Shao Yicheng is indifferent and ruthless, and his principles are stronger than the sky, but he alone treats me tenderly.

He said: “Your youth is without me, and your future is set for me.”
When I plucked up the courage to fall in love with him again, I didn’t expect that there was more pain waiting for me. I said: “Break up, you can’t be together when you fall in love…”


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