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Rebirth Army’s Wife is Addictive

The rebirth military sister-in-law’s wife is addicted
Other names: 重生军嫂之撩夫上瘾, Rebirth Army’s Wife is Addictive
Author: Yueming Weiyang
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


After the rebirth, Li Qian made the following important decisions: First, apologize and reconcile with her husband, and absolutely cannot divorce again. Second, make money. While keeping one’s own family, but also improving one’s own quality of life, after all, to catch up with the rebirth army, can not lose face. ..


Chapter 1 Past and Present
Chapter 2 Rebirth
Chapter 3 Preliminary Ideas
Chapter 4 Commander Luo! Luo Jiangang!
Chapter 5 There is nothing you can’t do
Chapter 6 Embarrassment
Chapter 7 Time Is Quiet
Chapter 8 Discharge
Chapter 9 Li Wei Comes to the Door
Chapter 10 Seeds of Doubt
Chapter 11 Planning and Imagination
Chapter 12 Love by leaps and bounds
Chapter 13 Is the road of design after all?
Chapter 14 Official Signing Contract
Chapter 15 Letter from the Father-in-Law
Chapter 16 Hospital
Chapter 17 Luo’s Mother’s Demonstration
Chapter 18 Luo Jiangang’s Return
Chapter 19 Luo Jiangang’s Interrogation
Chapter 20 Inquiry
Chapter 21 Ideas
Chapter 22 Preliminary Decision
Chapter 23 Guidance for Going Down the Factory
Chapter 24 Additions
Chapter 25 Snow
Chapter 26 Door-to-door
Chapter 27 Getting stronger and stronger
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Complaint
Chapter 31
Chapter 32 Li Wei Visits
Chapter 33
Chapter 34 Night Talk
Chapter 35 Conversation
Chapter 36 Guessing
Chapter 37 Results
Chapter 38 Results (2)
Chapter 39 Acknowledgement
Chapter 40 Lu Family’s Second Child
Chapter 41 Dinner
Chapter 42 Li Wei Visits Again
Chapter 43 Husband and Wife Showdown
Chapter 44
Chapter 45 Go Home
Chapter 46 Go Home
Chapter 47 Procurement
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50 Helping Her Family
Chapter 51 Discussion
Chapter 52 Arriving at Luo’s House
Chapter 53 Gifts
Chapter 54 Peanut Sesame Candy
Chapter 55 New Year
Chapter 56 Returning to Mother’s Home
Chapter 57 About to Depart
Chapter 58 Departure
Chapter 59 Arrived
Chapter 60 Procurement
Chapter 61 Warmth Appears
Chapter 62 Ready to Open
Chapter 63 Finding a Carpenter
Chapter 64 Return to the Military Region
Chapter 65 Little Don’t Win the New Marriage
Chapter 66
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 Treats (2)
Chapter 69
Chapter 70 The Gathering is Over
Chapter 71 Rejected
Chapter 72 Recruitment
Chapter 73 Cloth Selection
Chapter 74 Ready to Open
Chapter 75 Telephone Congee
Chapter 76 Decision
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