Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe 8 days 6 nights

Traveling by yourself and traveling in that city itself First of all, we have to book the plane and the hotel we are staying with ourselves. Now, Japan has granted a tourist visa to Thai Passport holders to stay and travel in Japan for 15 days. This time, we have stayed in Osaka for 6 nights because traveling to Kyoto and Kobe can go back in the morning because it does not take long time to travel.

Osaka – Kyoto – Kobe 8 days 6 nights plan by Vietnam Airlines as follows:

Day 1 – Bangkok – Osaka
16:30 hrs. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport to check in with Vietnam Airlines and Vietnam Airlines. Luggage weight is 25 kg. (The weight depends on the airline. Bail is the person who determines)

19.10 hrs. Depart to Hanoi Vietnam In order to stop connecting to Osaka. – Booking of plane tickets can sometimes change the city to change for a stop. There are 2 cities that can be changed. If traveling to Japan with Vietnam Airlines namely Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

20.55 hrs. Arrive to Hanoi Vietnam To wait to change the plane Then wait about 3 hours and 50 minutes for Vietnam and Thailand Use the same time is +7, but if Japan is +9 or 2 hours before Thailand

Day 2 – Osaka – Use the Shatter bus and one day pass of Osaka. (Osaka – Airport Limousine Bus Ticket is 2,760 yen and One Day Pass is 600 yen)
00.55 hrs. Travel from Hanoi to Osaka. And takes about 4 and a half hours by plane.

06.20 hrs. Arrive at Kansai International Airport (Kansai International Airport)
07.00 hrs. Immigration And pick up the bag Then come to wait to buy a train ticket at the Front Deck in the middle of the exit on both sides. The pass card used in this tip is

1. The Amazing Osaka Pass for 1 day is 2,300 yen 
2. The 3-day Kansai Thru Pass is 5,200 yen

The rest can be bought at the train station. After purchasing the pass Walk to take a bus in front of the 5th airport.  New Hankyu Osaka Hotel has a bus in front of the hotel. Very convenient. New Hankyu Osaka Hotel is near Umeda Station (M16) and Hankyu Line Station, which is a station. A train that will take you to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and other places in the Kansai area. Considered very convenient

Before taking the bus, must buy tickets Choose a ticket to go to Osaka Station from the airport to the hotel. It takes about 50-58 minutes because the parking of this bus is the first hotel.

The price of the bus to get to the hotel is 1,550 yen, but if you buy a round trip price 2,760 yen, get a discount as well and return tickets can stay for 14 days.

08.05 hrs. The bus arrives at Channel 5, then the staff will be labeled with our luggage which hotel to get off. Considered very convenient For people traveling to travel First Osaka (fear of getting lost)

About 9 o’clock in the morning to the hotel, but the hotel still does not check in yet, have to leave the luggage at the luggage storage. Then come back to check in at two o’clock in the afternoon.

After leaving the luggage, finished walking Train station to buy a One Day Pass ticket. Today’s ticket is 600 yen. Because it’s a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the ticket price is cheap. But if it’s a normal day, the ticket price is 800 yen. Walking to the train station is not difficult. 

The entrance that the bus from the airport came to deliver When going back to the same way, turn right and you will see across from the Yodobushi department store, and on the one side you will find a cosmetic shop and a drugstore. The train station entrance is next to a cosmetics store.

When going down to the basement where the train is going Look at the Moduji Line symbol (red) and follow the path. To buy a One Day Pass ticket at the coin balance booth There will be staff members to help. If the ticket is not purchased correctly After getting the One Day Pass, we can go to Mamba Station (M20) or Shiba Shiju Station (M19) Line.

Mamba Station (M20) – There will be Poo Kyak, a large Glico sign that people like to take pictures, Osaka’s famous Takoyaki. Shiba Shiju Station (M19) – will be a long pedestrian street with both Of the brand name (LOUIS VUITTON, Channal, Prada, Tag and others) and not the brand name or can walk from Mamba to shop here. Because the roads are connected (Very long, about 2-4 kilograms) can not be bored with shopping

14.00 hrs. It’s time to check in at the hotel to collect luggage and travel to other locations in Osaka or to take pictures of Glico at night.

Day 3 – Osaka – Use the Amazing Osaka Pass (Osaka – Amazing Osaka Pass 1 Day Ticket is 2,300 yen)

There are 2 Amazing Osaka Pass tickets which are

  • Amazing Osaka Pass for 1 day – 2,300 yen. 
  • This ticket is free to enter. Free tourist attractions such as Osaka Castle, Osaka Museum, river boat ride, 173-story building, 
  • 2-day Amazing Osaka Pass for 2 days – 3,000 yen (Yen). This 
  • Amazing Osaka Pass for 2 days is free. Cannot visit various places for free, but if wanting to visit the attractions Archaeological sites and antiques Can buy admission tickets

Day 4 – Kyoto – Use the Kansai Thru Pass (3-day Kansai Thru Pass for 5,200 yen)

7.00am to prepare to depart for Kyoto. Accommodation is located near the Hankyu Line train station. Travel time is 50-77 minutes, depending on the train seat.

– Take the train number 2 with a green sign. If using a Limited Express train, the train will not stop at all stations. But will only park at large stations It takes about 40-50 minutes.
– Take the train number 3, green sign. If sitting on the Local Train, the train will stop at all stations for approximately 77 minutes.
Then get off at Kyoto station.

8.00 hrs. Move the train from the Hankyu Line to Goaji Station. You have to walk up to the top. And walk across the street for about 2-3 hundred meters to take the Kyoto city train to get off at Fushimi Station to go to the Fox Shrine Temple.  If that, the JR Line train will reach the temple straight away.

Day 5 – Kobe – use the Kansai Thru Pass (Kobe – 3 Day Kansai Thru Pass)

Day 6 – Osaka – one day pass of Osaka (Osaka – One Day Pass is 800 yen)

Day 7 – Kyoto – Kobe – Osaka – Use the Kansai Thru Pass (Kyoto – Kobe – Osaka – Day 3 on Kansai Thru Pass)

Day 8 – Osaka – Bangkok (Osaka – Bangkok – Return Airport Limousine Bus ticket)

The tip cost for 8 days and 6 nights is as follows: 

  • plane ticket (Vietnam Air) + Hotel (New Hankyu Osaka) price 22,100 baht. 
  • Airport shuttle bus ticket – hotel + train ticket.
  • Round-trip Airport Limousine Bus 
  • ticket is 2,760 yen. One Day Pass is 600 yen. One-day 
  • Amazing Osaka Pass is 2,300 yen. 
  • Kansai Thru Pass for 3 days is 5,200 yen. 
  • One Day Pass on Standard Day is 800 yen. 
  • Total 11,660 yen (Rate 0.28 @ June) = 3,264.8 baht. Foods 
  • and other expenses. Not including the average shopping price of 15,340 yen (rate 0.28 @ June) = 4,295.2 
  • total costs 8 days 6 nights is 29,660 baht

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