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One paper spoiled marriage: Shao Gong, you have been cheated!

One paper spoiled marriage: Shao Gong, you have been cheated!
Other names: 一纸宠婚:宫少,你被骗了!
Author: Bead
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2019
Status: 497


Because he lost the bet, Xu Qingqing had to grab a man in the bar casually. “Is it a little bit of water? This is not enough.” Who knows, the man’s eyes under the mask are smiling, deepening the kiss… Gong Mingye, rumored to have a beautiful face, but unfortunately a lunatic, after tonight, she Xu Qingqing is about to marry that lunatic… “It’s really a little wild cat.” The man stopped the girl in his arms with a big hand, already confident.


Chapter 1 Marrying on a Marriage
Chapter 2 Stranger Men
Chapter 3 I will give you a little bit?
Chapter 5 Isn’t he a lunatic?
Chapter 6 Rumors Are False
Chapter 7 Take You Back to Xu’s House
Chapter 8 Remorse is too much
Chapter 9 The Wood Is Completed
Chapter 10 Set Up Attention and Negotiation Conditions
Chapter 11 Interview is on!
Chapter 12 Temporarily Arrested to Be a Dessert Chef
Chapter 13 Dance Partners
Chapter 14 Brother Ye
Chapter 15 The So-called Chef
Chapter 16 She is the Legendary Sister-in-law
Chapter 17 Mother’s Relics!
Chapter 18 She Can’t shed tears
Chapter 19 Should Be Free in Human Body
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