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Domineering president dotes on his wife like his life

Domineering president dotes on his wife like his life
Other names: 霸道总裁宠妻如命
Author: Chuxue Warm Heart
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: 1384


There was a misunderstanding in “Domineering CEO Doting His Wife Like Fate” three years ago. Yi Ruyan was angry when he heard the family arrange to find a fiance. Unexpectedly, the fiance hooked up with his half-sister. At the wedding, my sister provocatively said: Even if I don’t like your things, I still have to grab it, but your man is not worthy of me, only Leng Haotian can be worthy of me. Yi Ruyan picked up the phone and called Leng Haotian: I want to marry you! Since then, Leng Haotian has lived a life of doting his wife: “Young Leng, his wife is grabbing a bracelet from someone else in the jewelry store.” “Which store?”


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