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Peachy Aventure

Peachy Aventure Author: Lonely Wolf
Other names: 桃色艳遇
Author: Lonely Wolf
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: 504


“Sister, can you tell me what to pronounce this word?” On the train from Lishan to Linhai, a young man in a white shirt came to a mature young woman holding an English magazine. It is an humbly asking for instruction.

The young woman is wearing a low-cut camisole, with her head dyed blond hair curled up on her head, and her eyes are covered with faint eyeshadow. She looks glamorous. After she got in the car, the whole car, whether it’s a man or a woman, pay attention to everything. The force fell on her, many men even slobbered directly, but it is amazing that the young woman has been looking out the window after getting in the car, turning a blind eye to everyone’s eyes, but there has been no one next to her, including the seat opposite. Sitting down, I don’t know if there is indeed no one, or because of the unique aura of the young woman, the person who should have been sitting here dare not come forward!


Chapter 1 Beautiful young women
Chapter 2 Do you want to mo?
Chapter 3Remember to find me
Chapter 4 Auntie the best
Chapter 5 The beauty of the aunt
Chapter 6 Gaffe
Chapter 7 Auntie takes you to pick up girls
Chapter 8 Meeting beautiful women again
Chapter 9 Which one do you like? ?
Chapter 10 Pick a girlfriend
Chapter 11 Fuchsia
Chapter 12 I want you
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