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Poyun 2 Swallowing the Sea

Poyun 2 Swallowing the Sea
Other names: 破云2吞海
Author: Huai Shang
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Those snooping tentacles are hidden in the Internet wave, ubiquitous and endless, and are gradually submerging every corner of modern society to the top.

“Hidden in the abyss is a huge, complex, and deep-rooted criminal network. The’Mariana Trench’ is far deeper than the police knows, but it’s behind you and me—”

Wu Yu, a newcomer from the Jinhai Municipal Public Security Bureau, is mild and weak, reluctant to speak, and he doesn’t care about making things difficult from the strict boss. He just wants to be a background board for getting paid and eating on time.

No one knew that this young man had a head that was rewarded heavily by the drug lord, and the liver and gallbladder of a young man who once slayed dragons in the abyss.
Modern urban criminal investigation, cold and strict style, strong focus on health, love of health, academy elites attack & have a hard time, don’t want to work, the most annoying academics hate being led
Every week is normal, six days off and one day off,


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