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She is more dazzling than fireworks

She is more dazzling than fireworks
Other names: 她比烟花还耀眼
Author: Anonymous
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“She Is Brighter Than Fireworks” is an urban novel with very good content. Zhou Yazhen, Wang Yang, and Wang Hongzhong are the three main characters in the book. The full text tells about some secret things that happened between Zhou Yazhen, Wang Hongzhong and Wang Yang and his son. . Zhou Yazhen is a model at the auto show. She has a very good body. During the two years of marrying Wang Yang, the father-in-law Wang Hongzhong has always had abnormal ideas about his daughter-in-law. Taking advantage of his son’s business trip, Wang Hongzhong put the bad ideas into practice.


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