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Shimla city is one of the Himachal Pradesh state in India and located on a ridge at a height of 2100 meters in the colonial period. During England period that they always moves the government here in the summer (Summer capital of British India). The upper part of the city is still heavily influenced by the British. Aeon train in Shimla started shipping in year 1891 and transported passengers in year 1903. As Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and located in northern part of India. From the north connect with Mandi and Kullu. On the east side and southeast is adjacent to the Kinnaur of Uttarakhand State. The southern part is adjacent to Solan and Sirmaur.

The city of Shimla is located at an altitude of 300-2200 meters above sea level. The Shimla city is one of the top 10 famous tourist destinations in India. During year 1864 that Shimla is declared as the British summer capital and after India gained freedom from British then Shimla city became the Capital of Punjab and later became the capital of Himachal. Shimla is a name derived from the goddess Shyamala Devi which is an incarnation about the mother of Kali. Shimla also is a big city and grow by the location of College and Research Institute. Shimla has many palaces and temples around the city. Shimla has also been recorded as having neo-Gothic and Tudorbethan. Neo-Gothic was buildings from the colonial era.

Shimla has beautiful landscapes with legendary mountain house and the Himalayan MTB race. The event began in 2005 and become the largest event in Southeast Asia. Most of the Shimla area is densely forested during the 18th century. In the past, there were Jakhoo temples and few houses spread out. Himachal was invaded by the Bhimsen Thapa of Nepal in BC. 1806. The British of East India Company were control this region following the Sugauli Treaty after the war. Anglo-Nepalese War (1814–16) Maharaja of Patiala who helped support England in the war. He received the land around Shimla as a reward.

In the daily record of August 30, 1817 that Gerard Brothers explores the area has explain Shimla is a village that traveler want to stop at the middle of the journey for take a break and drink water. During year 1819 when Deputy Governor Ross come to the city and then he build wooden hut in Shimla. Three years later when he come back then he descendants with Scottish servants to built the first house in this area. Himachal Pradesh has the same climate as England. So when British official who stay in India to do their duty want to escape from hot weather to visit and take holiday in Shimla city.

Shimla has a relatively high climate (CWB) under the Köppen climate. The climate in Shimla is mostly cold during winter and moderate warm in the summer. Normal temperature from -4 ° C (25 ° F) to 31 ° C (88 ° F). The average summer temperature is between 19 ° C (66 ° F) and 28 ° C (82 ° F). Rainfall between 15 mm (0.59 inches) in November and reaching 434 mm (17.1) in August. It’s usually about 45 mm (1.8) if the month in the winter and spring around 175 mm (6.9).

For Shimla people earn income from work at employment of government and tourism. In addition to being a local center of transportation and trade. Also, Shimla is a health care center and medical college. This is one of the career and economy in the city as a healthy center for tourist and hotel industry is one of the sources income generation for the city. Shimla Government is trying to promote new technologies and IT sectors for this city.

There are many place in Shimla city such as the Mall, shopping street in main road of Shimla, restaurants, souvenir shop, bank, post office, theater and more for tourists to visit. At Shimla city also have many interest place to visit as traveler, too. There are…

  1. Viceregal Lodge Shimla
  2. Jakhu Temple Shimla
  3. The Ridge Shimla
  4. Annandale Army Heritage Museum Shimla
  5. Tara Devi Temple Shimla
  6. Green Valley Shimla
  7. Kali Bari Temple Shimla
  8. Scandal Point Shimla
  9. Sankat Mochan Temple Shimla
  10. Summer Hill Shimla
  11. Shimla Glen
  12. Johnnie’s Wax Museum Shimla
  13. Reserve Forest Sanctuary Shimla
  14. Chadwick Falls Shimla
  15. Shoolini Temple Shimla
  16. Jubbal Palace Shimla
  17. Shaily Peak Shimla
  18. Kamna Devi Temple Shimla
  19. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex Shimla
  20. Laxminarayan Temple Shimla
  21. Himachal State Museum Shimla
  22. Christ Church Shimla
  23. Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park Shimla
  24. Indira Tourist Park Shimla
  25. Kuthar Fort Shimla
  26. Indian Institute Of Advanced Study Shimla
  27. Mall Road Shimla
  28. Kalka Shimla Toy Train
  29. Kufri Shimla

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