Jakhu Temple Shimla in Shimla City, India

Jakhu temple is located at the highest peak of Shimla, at the height of 8,000 feet above sea level. The temple is infused with purity, peace and tranquility. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and mythology behind Jakhu temple is Lord Hanuman stopped over for a while, on his way to search for Sanjivani Booti for Lord Lakshman. The temple is also houses the world’s largest statue of Lord Hanuman; this gigantic statue has a height of 108 feet.

The temple is not only attracts Hindu followers but a large numbers of monkeys as well. These monkeys are usually well behaving and mean no harm to the pilgrims; unless they are teased. Jakhu temple has inscribed sculptures of gods, females in welcoming posture and diyas, on the pillars and walls. It is said that ringing the bell of this temple brings upon luck for at least following three days. Spending some time at the holy hill-top which is generously surrounded by deodar and alpine trees, coos of beautiful bird and nerve soothing breeze can be more than mere retreat.

Jakhu Temple Shimla open everyday from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm. and no entry fee to visit.

History of Jakhu Temple, Shimla
Jakhu Temple has an interesting mythological story. It is generally said that during the battle course of Ramayana, Ram’s younger brother Lakshmana got injured by a powerful arrow and became unconscious. He couldn’t be revived despite several efforts. Then, a renowned priest told Lord Rama that he needed a particular Sanjeevani herb to bring him back to life. Hanuman was given the charge of getting the herb from the Himalayas.

While going towards the Himalayas, he met sage Yaaku on the hilltop. Hanuman sat on the mountain and cleared his doubts about the herb. The mount couldn’t bear his weight and got flattened, remaining half of its size. After collecting enough information about the herb, he promised Yaaku to meet him while going back to Lanka.

However, on his way back, he had to fight with a demon named “Kalnemi” who tried to fool him around, which consumed a lot of his valuable time. To reach Lanka on time, he chose not to meet sage and took the shortest possible route. When sage was disappointed, he thought of meeting him in person and tell the reason for breaking the promise.

As Hanuman left the place, an idol of him appeared on the hill by itself. To honour the Lord’s visit, Yaaku built a temple there. It is believed till date that the temple has the footprints of Hanuman and the monkeys that stay around the shrine are the descendants of Lord Hanuman. source by shimlatouris.

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